Changelog for Online Update Nr. 24

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 21.07.2021

  1. Update to patch level 24
  2. IX-9625: Schemamanager
    Problem: Retroactive change to the name of a CustomClass.
    Solution: Name of a user-defined class in the Schema manager may now no longer be changed retroactively.
  3. IX-9771: Open application
    Problem: Unclear version message.
    Solution: Improved warning message with version information when opening applications, processes and layouts with a higher patch level than the current Intrexx Manager.
  4. IX-11049: Table - Export
    Problem: Mail export: Image links cause errors.
    Solution: Image control in the table footer is now saved on the server (RTCache) so it can now be used.
  5. IX-12961: Floating-point / currency elements
    Problem: Inline styles on float controls override layout styles.
    Solution: No more inline styles are used at this point.
  6. IX-13261: Portal export
    Problem: Portal export does not export the "cacerts" file.
    Solution: The portal export now includes the internal/cfg/cacerts file.
  7. IX-13300: TinyMCE editor
    Problem: TinyMCE fields with "required" fail validation.
    Solution: The validation has been corrected so that TinyMCE edit fields now validate correctly.
  8. IX-13319: Mandatory field
    Problem: TinyMCE as a mandatory field fails validation despite correct input.
    Solution: The validation has been corrected so that TinyMCE edit fields now validate correctly.
  9. IX-13372: Data Picker
    Problem: does not work in smartphone layout.
    Solution: now works in smartphone layout.
  10. IX-13373: Tree menu
    Problem: If there are 3 or more levels, no icons are shown after refreshing.
    Solution: Icons are now displayed again.
  11. IX-13409: Dependencies
    Problem: Trigger cannot be deleted.
    Solution: When editing or removing onchange events in dependencies, a message now appears if the action is not possible.
  12. IX-13505: Edit field with "Date" as the control type
    Problem: Error message for edit fields due to an incorrect date and time format check when the portal and the user use different format settings.
    Solution: The check has been corrected and now no longer throws an error.
  13. IX-13533: View file selection element
    Problem: onclick on the file view in a free layout table causes errors.
    Solution: File view in free layout tables can have and now trigger an onclick event.
  14. IX-13545: Data Picker
    Problem: Data picker does not find anything when blank, data fields are not cleared.
    Solution: Assigned data fields are cleared if no record is found after an input.
  15. IX-13552: Import layouts
    Problem: Layouts of newer Intrexx versions can be imported.
    Solution: Version check when importing layouts is enabled.
  16. IX-13556: Email configuration - Edit parameters
    Problem: Parameter dialog can be opened multiple times.
    Solution: The dialog for editing the parameters for the page to be sent in the email now opens modally.
  17. IX-13645: Email service
    Problem: Mail dispatch fails due to SQL query in rare cases.
    Solution: SQL query has been optimized.
  18. IX-13653: Document generation
    Problem: Apache PDFBox CVE-2021-31811 and CVE-2021-31812.
    Solution: Update to PDFBox 2.0.24.
  19. IX-13656: Data Picker
    Problem: In rare cases, an error message occurs with drop-down lists that use a data picker to retrieve data from the server.
    Solution: The evaluation of the data in this case has been corrected.
  20. IX-13667: Cookies
    Problem: "SameSite" attribute of cookies should be able to take value "None".
    Solution: Mechanism for configuring the "SameSite" attribute of the session cookie implemented.
  21. IX-13681: Portlet settings
    Problem: Stored cross-site scripting can be performed via the title of portlets when they are moved back to the portlet pool.
    Solution: The corresponding code passages were provided with renderers that render JavaScript as text.
  22. IX-13688: Tomcat
    Tomcat updated to current version 8.5.68.
  23. IX-13711: Tree
    Problem: The paths for images are not adjusted.
    Solution: Relative paths adjusted for tree control.
  24. IX-13735: Data Picker
    Problem: When you click on result, the page jumps to the top of the page.
    Solution: Jump to top of the page is now prevented.
  25. IX-13744: Import application
    Problem: User group will not be imported if a user group with the same name already exists.
    Solution: User group is now renamed if it should be created and a group with this name is already in the selected container.
  26. IX-13768: Save
    Problem: Saving a record with a free layout table creates a new record.
    Solution: Existing records can now be edited - no new record is created when saving.
  27. IX-13774: Publish application
    Problem: PublishAllApplications is aborted if the temp directory cannot be deleted.
    Solution: All applications are now published again.
  28. IX-13793: Import application
    Problem: Error message when importing multiple applications in one package because DB columns cannot be deleted if there is an index for them.
    Solution: There is no error during import because when deleting a column in a table in the DB, Intrexx now checks whether there is still an index and this must be deleted beforehand.