Changelog for Online Update no. 23

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 17.06.2021

  1. Update to patch level 23
  2. IX-11662: Edit field with "Text" as the control type
    Problem: Validation message for invalid characters is displayed only when saving instead of when leaving the field. User is not informed about the specific, incorrect characters.
    Solution: Message immediately after leaving the field, incorrect characters are highlighted.
  3. IX-11765: Velocity
    Problem: Additional whitespace around macro #getBundle interfere with further processing.
    Solution: Additional whitespace has been removed.
  4. IX-12256: Tree
    Problem: Exception when saving if it is defined as a mandatory field.
    Solution: Exception no longer occurs.
  5. IX-12484: Push notifications
    Problem: The same push notification is received more than once if there is an error during delivery to a recipient.
    Solution: Already successfully notified recipients are marked and therefore the repetitive sending is fixed.
  6. IX-12520: Certificate store
    Problem: The certificate store cannot be read after updating from 18.03.
    Solution: Fixed for upgrade scenarios. However, if a portal is exported from Intrexx Version 8100, the certificate store will not be exported as well and therefore cannot be transferred.
  7. IX-12604: Research
    Problem: Data field from view is not displayed in the research (control with "Textareavcontrol" as the type).
    Solution: Data field is displayed again.
  8. IX-12689: JavaScript
    Problem: RegEx leads to empty function drop-down list when assigning triggers.
    Solution: JavaScript parser was replaced, Rhino parser will be used in the future.
  9. IX-12922: Portlet configuration
    Problem: Accepts values without checking, cross-site scripting possible.
    Solution: Escaping added.
  10. IX-12932: View field with "Telephone" as the control type
    Problem: Has no protocol by default.
    Solution: Protocol has now been added.
  11. IX-13060: Search in applications
    Problem: Search pages without buttons cause Velocity errors.
    Solution: Error removed.
  12. IX-13066: WriteContainer
    Problem: Disabled setting "Trigger process" also disables Share processes and causes errors further down the line.
    Solution: Share processes are no longer affected by this setting.
  13. IX-13087: Dependency
    Problem: Dependency with filter on an "Integer" edit field throws error on text input.
    Solution: Error removed.
  14. IX-13088: Search in applications
    Problem: Deleting search tabs causes error on next search.
    Solution: Error removed.
  15. IX-13141: M-Files-Connector 1.0
    Problem: File extension is included twice in the file name.
    Solution: Duplicate removed.
  16. IX-13144: Parameters
    Problem: When creating a new additional button parameter for a page that does not require this parameter, all data types are allowed, so errors may occur as a result.
    Solution: When creating a new, additional parameter within a button (or a link in general), it is registered with the UP_TYPE.STRING in the dialog model. In this case, only the data fields whose type can be converted to strings are allowed as FallbackItem values. These are string, integer, double, datetime and boolean - text and file are not allowed.
  17. IX-13152: View pages
    Problem: When copying from data groups to the top level, the ReadContainer is also copied.
    Solution: Invalid Read and WriteContainers are deleted when the page is inserted. The "dataField" type fallback values are displayed in the "Problems" area. If there are any "Velocity" fallback values, a message will be displayed in the "Messages" area.
  18. IX-13167: Export in the "Tools" module
    Problem: Confirmation message appears twice when deleting entries.
    Solution: Duplicate message removed.
  19. IX-13181: Timer
    Problem: Associated thread names do not contain the timer GUID.
    Solution: Timer GUID included in thread name.
  20. IX-13185: Select search configuration
    Problem: Delete action does not seem to work at first.
    Solution: Search configurations are kept up to date.
  21. IX-13188: Data group timer
    Problem: High memory consumption with data group timer.
    Solution: By optimizing the memory requirements and preventing portal crashes, a change was made during the loading of data records from processes (data group event). These are now no longer held in memory but are read line by line. In this row-based handling, if a future record - one that has not yet been handled - is changed, this causes the DB2 database to reflect this change already in the original query. Please consider this behavior if you use a DB2 database.
  22. IX-13206: View table
    Problem: Filtering with Boolean parameter values does not have the same result as filtering with request values.
    Solution: If no value is specified when filtering a table, all records are displayed.
  23. IX-13263: Sortable grouping
    Problem: If a drop-down list is included in the sortable grouping on an email page, the application cannot be published.
    Solution: Application can be saved again in this setup.
  24. IX-13360: NGINX sample configurations in the samples directory
    Problem: NGINX sample configurations are not up to date.
    Solution: NGINX sample configurations have been updated.
  25. IX-13361: Publish application
    Problem: When publishing an application, a heap size error may occur due to a recursion.
    Solution: Recursion removed.
  26. IX-13371: Checkbox selection
    Problem: Double-click on title does not work.
    Solution: The selected element is now checked. Editing is allowed if the title of the selected element is not a constant.
  27. IX-13385: Free layout table
    Problem: File field defined as a mandatory field is not treated as such in the table.
    Solution: Mandatory field is handled accordingly.
  28. IX-13400: Date picker
    Problem: In some cases, the date picker is not visible when scrolling the main page.
    Solution: Date picker position corrected.
  29. IX-13411: Fallback value / Bindings
    Problem: In the Binding API, isAvailable throws an exception if no other value is available.
    Solution: Exception has been removed, isAvailable now returns false.
  30. IX-13412: Fallback value / Bindings
    Problem: IIxValue.asBoolean allowed only a few valid values in the Binding API.
    Solution: The range of valid values has been significantly extended and made case-insensitive, e.g. yes/no, true/false.
  31. IX-13433: Microsoft Exchange Connector
    Problem: If a query for appointments with an invalid ID (e.g. -1) is executed before creating an appointment, this leads to an incorrect ID being returned during the following insert.
    Solution: Query with ID="-1" is only executed if the appointment really exists.
  32. IX-13437: Fallback value / Bindings
    New increment binding.
  33. IX-13571: Publish application
    Problem: Manager takes a very long time to publish an application.
    Solution: Checks were made to see if there were any errors within the application before publishing (view issues). These checks often need information from other applications. The cache mechanism that was previously built in was not granular enough and has now been improved. As a result, fewer entire application structures are actually transferred from the server to the client, which speeds up the whole procedure.