Changelog for Online Update no. 22

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 25.05.2021

  1. Update to patch level 22
  2. IX-10800: Intrexx Share
    Fixed: XSS vulnerability
  3. IX-10972: FileWalker - Permissions
    Fixed: Revoked permissions for administrators are granted again after saving
  4. IX-12684: Filter - Drop-down list
    Fixed: does not work
  5. IX-12730: Edit field - Control type: Currency or floating-point number - Options
    Problem: 1000 and decimal separators can have the same value; this causes incorrect values when interpreting the data.
    Solution: Intrexx now defines two clearly separated format configurations that are consistently used across the product. Invalid mixed configurations are displayed as a warning in the Portal Manager.
  6. IX-12853: Export
    Fixed: Error when a dot occurs in the file path
  7. IX-12873: Data groups
    Fixed: Show files from parent record in child record does not work
  8. IX-12886: Personal calendar
    Fixed: Close button is missing in the details tooltip of an appointment
  9. IX-12897: Application import
    Fixed: Table name cannot be changed
  10. IX-12898: Additional control for Intrexx Share notifications
    Change to the additional control
  11. IX-12927: Additional control - Breadcrumb path
    Fixed: shows page titles from portlets
  12. IX-12936: File data field
    Fixed: Missing internal=true attribute
  13. IX-12940: Additional control - Breadcrumb path
    Fixed: last.innerText.trim() does not check if there is an innerText
  14. IX-12952: Intrexx Share - Chat
    Fixed: Editing leads to error
  15. IX-12963: Resource
    Fixed: tooltips opened in the diagram on hover do not close automatically when exited
  16. IX-13001: Application import
    New: Overwriting during import must be explicitly confirmed again
  17. IX-13049: Free layout table
    Fixed: Problem when updating
  18. IX-13050: Online Update
    Online Update only supports invalid protocol versions during encryption
  19. IX-13057: Tooltip positioning - Appearance
    Fixed: not possible to assign multiple style classes
  20. IX-13061: Form parameters
    Fixed: Form parameters are not passed correctly to Groovy with Ajax
  21. IX-13079: OData Connector
    Fixed: Pagination is not calculated correctly