Changelog for Online Update no. 21

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 04.05.2021

  1. IX-9793: Hotkeys in the portal export dialog
    work again
  2. IX-9875: ReadContainers/WriteContainers
    Performance improved when opening the Binding tab with a high number of data fields
  3. IX-10226: List of applications associated with the file location
  4. IX-10478: Parameters
    Transfer to a free layout table
  5. IX-10757: Search
    finds deactivated Intrexx Share users
  6. IX-10765: ReadContainers/WriteContainers
    Clicking on a binding in the WriteContainer immediately switches to edit mode
  7. IX-10816: Schema manager - Edit attribute
    When a user-defined Boolean attribute is entered, the checkbox jumps to
  8. IX-11022: Replication
    Dialog does not show server, port and password
  9. IX-11033: Online Update
    Pages with DIV layout are given table layout after patch
  10. IX-11054: Tab menu
    Link does not contain &rq_DatarangeGuid
  11. IX-11194: Intrexx Share Polls
    Error when voting
  12. IX-11202: Bindings
    Display in the Portal Manager is too short
  13. IX-11478: Calendar plugin
    Event handling for very small event displays has been improved.
  14. IX-11491: Dynamic view in tables
    Special characters are output as HTML encoded during export
  15. IX-11533: File selection element
    New callback options
  16. IX-11644: Search in the "Applications" module
    Elements from the hidden area cannot be focused and edited
  17. IX-11677: Data transfer
    Focus jumps when creating an auto value
  18. IX-11681: Edit portal pages
    Check permission if user does not have administrator permissions
  19. IX-12177: Drop-down list
    Performance problem in ApplicationListProcessor and ReferenceListProcessor
  20. IX-12187: Skript
    creates a different web.xml depending on the call
  21. IX-12256: Tree with setting "Input required"
    Exception when saving fixed
  22. IX-12532: Email configuration
    In text mails, the base URL is missing for buttons on the integrated page
  23. IX-12571: Undo
    Action causes an error during optimized publishing
  24. IX-12576: Transfering style classes to child elements
    Additional style class for buttons in view tables are also assigned to the child text element
  25. IX-12608: Data groups
    DATAGROUP client function fails if table name contains "$".
  26. IX-12611: Regional settings / Format
    1000 separators with spaces are not properly supported
  27. IX-12617: Application properties / Search configuration
    Properties are opened by clicking on the search configuration once instead of double-clikcing
  28. IX-12622: Text area / View text area
    Not possible to use multiline static default value
  29. IX-12632: Calendar plugin
    not visible
  30. IX-12644: Select search configuration
    Double-clicking when selecting search confiuguration deviates from the usual pattern
  31. IX-12656: Velocity file for initialization
    is not evaluated in emails
  32. IX-12658: "Users" module
    Improved error message
  33. IX-12670: Log in to portal
    Entering the wrong password leads to an ERROR entry in portal.log
  34. IX-12677: Generate documents
    PDF creates infinite loop when loading
  35. IX-12691: Groovy
    When creating users via the Groovy API, no image metadata is written to the database
  36. IX-12732: Control type Tree path / Binding tab
    When closing the dialog with OK, the control type is changed, the control loses its original function as tree path
  37. IX-12766: Portals / Internet Explorer 11
    Syntax error
  38. IX-12770: "Generate document" button action
    does not work in child data groups
  39. IX-12783: OData Connector
    Save causes error message
  40. IX-12801: Edit page in a free layout table
    does not save attachments in child data group
  41. IX-12827: Convergent M-Files Connector Update
    New Jars
  42. IX-12828: Import application
    Fixed an error when importing applications with global language constants
  43. IX-12882: Export application
    Dialog freezes
  44. IX-12915: Import portal
    ix-dms3.jar is used by another process
  45. IX-12939: Email service
    Improved performance when creating emails
  46. IX-12990: Drop-down list / Data mapping
    Data mapping is now guaranteed again.