Changelog for Online Update no. 20

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 26.03.2021

  1. Update to patch level 20
  2. IX-5429: JavaScript
    oUp.checked on (view) checkbox no longer works after upgrading to Intrexx 19.03
  3. IX-8080: TinyMCE
    Custom buttons cause errors
  4. IX-8116: Portal Manager homepage
    Homepage has scrollbars when returning to it from another module
  5. IX-9514: Office integration
    Setup dialogs show use of virtual pages, which is no longer supported as of Intrexx 19.03
  6. IX-9859: Operator filter
    Focus does not work correctly when entering text
  7. IX-10038: Applikation export
    Commented out GUIDs from other applications in scripts are interpreted as the up-to-date links so the corresponding application must be included in the export
  8. IX-10573: Applikation export
    If the portal contains a lot of applications, the export dialog freezes under certain circumstances
  9. IX-10701: Open application
    Application locked by another user can be sometimes opened
  10. IX-10736: Permissions
    Permission checks for a large number of controls - performance improved
  11. IX-10763: Expired license
    No information about the Intrexx version
  12. IX-10779: Text areas (editor mode)
    Focus enabled
  13. IX-10819: Missing database driver
    Typo in hint
  14. IX-10900: Security
    Cookieless sessions can be configured in the Manager
  15. IX-11058: Default value for checkboxes
    Settings moved from "Options" tab to "Binding" tab
  16. IX-11106: Portal export
    Problem with descending Intrexx indexes, implemented by Oracle as FBI (function-based index)
  17. IX-11186: JavaScript
    Incorrect calculation in connection with format and 1000 separators
  18. IX-11198: Import texts
    Error message
  19. IX-11199: Import texts
    After an import, the application must be published completely
  20. IX-11238: User objects
    Set members cannot be edited
  21. IX-11248: Export applications and processes
    Scrollbars are missing
  22. IX-11260: Drop-down list with data mapping
    Error after selection (mobile device)
  23. IX-11263: Portal import
    Portal from Intrexx Version 20.09 can be imported into Intrexx 19.03 without any warning
  24. IX-11320: Generate documents
    Decimal places not correct in the PDF under certain circumstances
  25. IX-11329: Portal Manager
    Incorrect transaction handling in MainPortalManagerBean
  26. IX-11351: Chart
    Creation causes errors when publishing the application
  27. IX-11368: Basic portlets
    Enable deletion
  28. IX-11380: Filter information
    only displays the value range instead of the label
  29. IX-11384: Portlets
    Centering containers in portlet settings does not work in the preview
  30. IX-11386: Grid settings
    Uncentered, "No selection", capitalization standardized
  31. IX-11389: MSSQL database driver
    JDBC driver updated
  32. IX-11399: Client Online Updates on Linux
    Installation with fails
  33. IX-11400: Client Online Updates on Linux
    ClassNotFoundException when installing with
  34. IX-11413: Portal import
    from tar.gz - takes too long
  35. IX-11428: JavaScript
    inking function behaves differently than with Intrexx Version 18.03
  36. IX-11438: Grid settings
    Preview cannot display offset
  37. IX-11448: Grid settings
    Change background image in grid leads to NullPointerException
  38. IX-11459: Portable Manager
    Registered portals are not saved
  39. IX-11464: Publish application
    takes too long
  40. IX-11466: Calendar
    Appointments get stuck on mouse pointer and overlay tooltips
  41. IX-11472: Grid settings
    Backgrounds are not displayed in the grid
  42. IX-11475: File selection
    Prevent saving during upload
  43. IX-11482: Mobile layout
    Deep links can not be opened
  44. IX-11501: Links to App Store
    Removed in the Portal Manager
  45. IX-11506: Generate documents
    Error if HTML or Velocity variable is in the header
  46. IX-11511: Diagnosis
    does not contain scheduler logs
  47. IX-11519: Parameter
    Changes are applied despite clicking on "Cancel
  48. IX-11532: Portlets
    XSS possible in portlet name setting field
  49. IX-11543: Data picker
    Unnecessary creation of a text area renderer causes errors
  50. IX-11629: Chart
    does not display a legend
  51. IX-11631: VTL include
    made copyable
  52. IX-11632: Alternative start page
    Dynamically generated menu items load blank page
  53. IX-11638: Search
    Search result tooltip of global search creates two scrollbars
  54. IX-11645: Tooltip
    Link for the close icon in the upper right corner is generated incorrectly
  55. IX-11657: WriteContainer
    contain too many control links after an upgrade
  56. IX-11681: Edit portal pages
    Check permissions if user does not have administrator permissions
  57. IX-11690: OData provider
    Metadata should only be optionally accessible without Auth
  58. IX-11705: Button
    with the "Save" action is displayed despite missing permissions
  59. IX-11707: OData provider
    Use HTTPS URL in dialog and metadata display
  60. IX-11712: Chart
    Line value titles are removed
  61. IX-11720: Database driver
    PostgreSQL shown twice
  62. IX-11736: Groovy rendering handler
    no (ReadOnly) g_record.
  63. IX-11757: Data mapping
    does not work
  64. IX-11773: Search
    for tags does not work
  65. IX-11774: Search
    Add tag to the index
  66. IX-11777: "Indexes" tab
    Size cannot be changed
  67. IX-11785: Portal permissions
    Settings for external data groups
  68. IX-11790: Create view page with elements
    TinyMCE editor attributes are applied to view text area
  69. IX-11813: Globale search
    Search options are no longer displayed after re-searching
  70. IX-11815: User Manager
    Default: "Object name" always identical with "Full name"
  71. IX-11827: Menu
    Wrong entry is marked if app is present twice
  72. IX-11840: M-Files Connector
    Colon in document title returns error
  73. IX-11841: Data transfer
    Problems exporting / importing jobs
  74. IX-11872: Resource
    Error when selecting resources
  75. IX-11877: File selection
    checkRequired() does not work for file selection controls
  76. IX-11879: Option field
    setRequired() method does not work
  77. IX-11880: Portal Manager
    PortalStatisticsServiceBean: InterruptedException
  78. IX-11926: WriteContainer
    Link resolver checks too much
  79. IX-11940: Portal and application import
    Error: de.uplanet.jdbc.StandardDbException: Error: 0, SQLState: 22026:
  80. IX-11942: OData (V4) Connector
    Fully support If match / Etag
  81. IX-11948: Application permissions
    Improve sorting during import
  82. IX-11949: Applikation import
    "Next" button is clickable while large applications are loading
  83. IX-11966: Generate documents
    Fonts get random styles during document generation
  84. IX-11967: Ticker
    Ticker - Default URL must be changed to https
  85. IX-11972: Portlets
    Missing encoding for portlet titles
  86. IX-11993: Publish
    Setting "Publish without history" has no effect
  87. IX-11994: dg hyparchive Connector
    Sorting of drop-down lists in the Portal Manager
  88. IX-11999: FileWalker - File filter
    Improve dialog texts
  89. IX-12005: Thumbnails in view tables
    cause errors if SVG
  90. IX-12014: Portlets
    Information is not read from meta_application.xml
  91. IX-12022: Checkbox
    Value from parameter does not list Boolean parameters
  92. IX-12033: Expert attribute
    auto-pagination causes errors with conditional display
  93. IX-12035: Portal permissions
    Incorrect permissions for querying log files
  94. IX-12037: Conditional display
    is not considered for text field with syntax highlighting
  95. IX-12047: dg hyparchive Connector
    Support Solr index search
  96. IX-12052: Applikation import
    Error parsing files in export package
  97. IX-12059: Cloud
    List of session variables to be deleted must be transferred as TreeSet
  98. IX-12063: View tree
    does not display all records if more than 1000 elements are to be loaded
  99. IX-12067: Applications
    Element reference in application.xml has invalid link reference attribute
  100. IX-12078: Online Update
    Transformation error in publishallapplications.log when updating from 9.2.15 to 9.2.18
  101. IX-12084: Globale search
    with high number of records works with the Enter key but no result with the Search button
  102. IX-12090: Free layout table
    Pages included in free tables set focus in the main page
  103. IX-12097: View table
    Copy & Paste does not adjust link control in email button in tables
  104. IX-12099: Text area
    Changes to the properties are not applied
  105. IX-12107: Calendar application
    Creation sometimes takes a long time
  106. IX-12124: Send emails
    Improved logging in SendMailWorker
  107. IX-12159: Statistics
    Portlets with auto-pagination are counted
  108. IX-12160: Calendar
    Settings are sometimes lost
  109. IX-12162: Solr
    Prevents application deletion
  110. IX-12168: Additional control for calendars: Previous/Next
    Application can no longer be published
  111. IX-12169: Grid
    "Zero" in the sheet title when creating a new sheet
  112. IX-12170: Additional control for calendars: "View selection"
    Application can no longer be published
  113. IX-12172: Search configuration
    Error when creating if there is no data group yet
  114. IX-12174: Search configuration
    Error when double-clicking in the FilterDefinitionPanel of the search configuration
  115. IX-12175: Calendar
    Error when changing an action
  116. IX-12229: Button - Action type
    cannot be selected under certain circumstances
  117. IX-12235: Control type Currency / Floating-point number
    Default format missmatch
  118. IX-12239: Multi-tenancy
    Unsaved changes are reset arbitrarily
  119. IX-12242: Generate documents
    Metadata info for .png files returns null and interrupts document generation
  120. IX-12249: Groovy
    Binding not implemented correctly
  121. IX-12263: Upgrade
    Rare null pointer exception when patching portals
  122. IX-12278: JavaScript
    Fehler with setRequired in UpDataEditControl.ts
  123. IX-12294: Connector for Microsoft Exchange
    Exchange data group edit page contains all fields as mandatory parameters
  124. IX-12303: Export/Import portal
    "Disable process during import into a portal for security reasons" overrides export action
  125. IX-12306: TinyMCE
    Custom toolbar button titles are lost when publishing
  126. IX-12307: Edit field with "float" data type
    Browser.setValue() formats incorrectly for native number values
  127. IX-12314: Portal import
    takes a long time with Oracle19c - ojdbc10
  128. IX-12322: Page with scrollbars
    incorrect focus behavior during loading
  129. IX-12329: File selection
    Advanced functionality is lost when closing the properties dialog
  130. IX-12345: JavaScript
    Deferred table reload no longer jumps to fail in case of error
  131. IX-12346: Table export
    with dependencies results in errors
  132. IX-12382: TinyMCE
    Custom toolbar icons do not have mouseover texts
  133. IX-12403: Edit field with "float" data type
    different behavior on input
  134. IX-12466: OData provider
    Exception for POST of an Entity with the Complex Type Property as the JSON Payload
  135. IX-12433: Replication
    of user images: Metadata is not zeroed correctly.