Changelog for Online Update no. 19

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 16.02.2021

  1. Update to patch level 19
  2. IX-8121: TinyMCE Editor
    Titles for application-related buttons are missing in the text and web XML
  3. IX-10022: Search facets
    Search filter does not exclude facets whose data records are excluded from the search by the filter
  4. IX-10439: Importing applications
    not possible with duplicate index names
  5. IX-10623: Elements - Templates
    Links to WriteContainers are not adjusted when using a custom template
  6. IX-10677: Operator filter
    does not function correctly with dates
  7. IX-10696: Edit applications
    Filter out the copy of application.xml when creating the guid.index file
  8. IX-10738: Upgrade
    File pwdmail_en.xml is not adjusted
  9. IX-10789: Calendar - Appointment series
    Duration is not displayed
  10. IX-10839: Intrexx Share posts
    Media control does not display Vimeo links
  11. IX-10859: Mouseover - Tooltips
    are closed too quickly
  12. IX-10861: Resources element
  13. IX-10866: Sortable list
    Prevent drop between list elements
  14. IX-10867: Chart
    Assigned colors are ignored
  15. IX-10890: Intrexx Share profile
    Clicking on "More results" clears the window
  16. IX-10894: Documents
    DocumentIntegrationRestController.updateDIMActiveState returns incorrect response
  17. IX-10939: Edit field
    Problem with thousands separator
  18. IX-10943: Operator filter
    Comparison operator defaults are not accepted
  19. IX-10953: Bar chart
    Incorrect records when sorting in descending order and limiting displayed records
  20. IX-10956: Button with the "Data Picker" action
    Tooltip for selection is not closed if it is run again and no record was found
  21. IX-10965: Calendar - Appointment series
    Creation is too slow and prone to errors
  22. IX-10971: FileWalker
    Tooltip does not close after copying
  23. IX-10986: View page
    cannot be published. Message: "Control with GUID 'null' not found"
  24. IX-11028: Expert attribute
    "fieldvalue" no longer works
  25. IX-11052: Online Update
    When the Portal Manager is started afterwards, an erroneous client log directory is then created on Linux
  26. IX-11059: Free layout table - Display text if no data record is found
    Quotation marks in placeholder text lead to aparse error
  27. IX-11063: Intrexx Share - News
    Some links do not work in posts
  28. IX-11090: Generate documents
    PDF generation (process) causes child data to be duplicated to parent record
  29. IX-11119: Parameters
    Handling for buttons with record navigation
  30. IX-11120: Schema manager
    Null pointer exception when adding an attribute
  31. IX-11135: Breadcrumb path
    contains the portal title
  32. IX-11153: Drop-down list
    with multiple selection and integer data field does not allow a jump
  33. IX-11176: Import applications
    Page does not scroll to the desired edit field afterwards
  34. IX-11180: Edit field
    with "currency" or "decimal" data type is checked only if it does not have decimal numbers
  35. IX-11189: OData Connector
    PK values are not encoded correctly in URLs
  36. IX-11203: Regional settings - Format
    1000er separators with whitespace are not supported correctly
  37. IX-11207: Tree menu
    Click events overlap initially
  38. IX-11217: DMS
    Document export also contains archived documents
  39. IX-11223: "Show/Hide" button action
    Autoclose behaves differently in Intrexx Version 19.03 compared to Intrexx Version 18.03
  40. IX-11224: Table API
    Reload without status return
  41. IX-11228: Table export
    Excel2000 - fal number of exported records
  42. IX-11235: API documentation
    ix.confirm - unclear parameter
  43. IX-11237: "URL" control type
    Links are not always displayed completely
  44. IX-11244: Upgrade
    Foreign key fields do not have a "link-datafield" attribute, which leads to errors during patching
  45. IX-11251: Button with the Data Picker action
    Empty (incorrect) Data Picker element leads to schema violation
  46. IX-11255: Table export
    Excel: Wrong format for calculation elements
  47. IX-11262: Default sender
    Name is not shown in the email
  48. IX-11294: Sortable list
    reload method no longer available
  49. IX-11303: Flat menu
    Change to the "selected" node
  50. IX-11313: Drop-down list
    Data mapping does not work
  51. IX-11360: Velocity
    $DC.getMainDataGroupGuid() returns null
  52. IX-11362: Dependencies
    Data mapping does not work initially
  53. IX-11369: Portlet settings
    cannot be opened sometimes
  54. IX-11416: portal.log
    No more measurement of publishing time
  55. IX-11425: Generic event handler
    is not triggered if the timer throws an error
  56. IX-11429: Data mapping
  57. IX-11430: Button
    Mouseover in view table does not work in Internet Explorer 11
  58. IX-11437: Drop-down list
    Data mapping in view field removes characters by itself
  59. IX-11442: Online Update
    PublishAllApplications is executed with too little memory
  60. IX-11455: Calendar chart
    Flaky behavior in tooltip when editing appointments
  61. IX-11481: Regular expression in edit field
    Incorrect regular expressions cause error messages in various applications