Changelog for Online Update no. 17

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 12.11.2020

  1. Update to patch level 17
  2. IX-7896: Portal server
    Increase default values for the memory of the JVM
  3. IX-8113: Set focus
    Auto-focus on pages with edit elements no longer works correctly
  4. IX-8174: Chart
    Line bar chart does not work correctly
  5. IX-8650: New portal - Standard template
    The folder of the third-party provider Icon54 contains two files with the same name on Windows systems. The names were only different in terms of case. One icon has been renamed (SVG files and the icon font):
    • BasicIcons/Notebook - new name: Notebook1
    • BasicIcons/NoteBook - kept the same
  6. IX-9110: Delete application
    Error when the current user is not the administrator of the application
  7. IX-9267: Upgrade
    Patch "autofocus" expert attribute to "setElement" attribute
  8. IX-9269: Set focus
    Set autofocus to first element (more information is available here)
  9. IX-9272: Set focus
    Interaction of autofocus and tab index (more information is available here)
  10. IX-9274: Number block
    slides down out of the screen
  11. IX-9600: Global search
    Sorting by date does not update with new date values
  12. IX-9704: myIntrexx portal
    cannot be created when using DB2
  13. IX-9795: Calculation
    CSS selector for calculations in view tables is set incorrectly
  14. IX-9845: "Polls" application template
    "Current polls" portlet does not show any polls
  15. IX-9899: Portal server
    More memory for supervisor by default
  16. IX-9903: Portlets
    change order when dragged & dropped in the grid
  17. IX-9919: Video links in Share posts
    YouTube link preview loses "start at hh:mm"
  18. IX-9925: Task scheduler
    generates huge amounts of files
  19. IX-9941: Portal Manager
    writes logfiles to the directory ${sys:de.uplanet.lucy.logPath}
  20. IX-9980: Microsoft Office Integration
    Error if date field in drop-down list is blank
  21. IX-10026: Calendars
    in the hidden area cause errors in the browser
  22. IX-10059: Button with "Data Picker" action
    Data Picker does not work correctly in Mozilla Firefox
  23. IX-10066: Calculation
    AjaxCall does not transfer formula fields
  24. IX-10097: "Resource" application template
    Link to entry has no effect in Internet Explorer
  25. IX-10119: View table - Export
    Firefox removes file extension when downloading if the filename contains whitespace
  26. IX-10128: Licenses
    Text in the Manager cannot be copied nor linked externally
  27. IX-10129: Licenses
    Corrections in the "End User License Agreement"
  28. IX-10137: Timer
    Process with a timer whose end date is in the past and with the setting "Start overdue timer jobs on server start" cannot be saved
  29. IX-10152: "Design" module
    Application name is no longer displayed in the tooltip
  30. IX-10240: Online Update --headless always displays 0% as the progress
  31. IX-10244: Upgrade
    Locale provider is not patched in portal.wcf
  32. IX-10252: "Start" module
    Message: "The application is locked because it is being edited by another user"
  33. IX-10253: Connector for OData
    "Could not build valid URI" message due to whitespace
  34. IX-10263: Connector for Microsoft Exchange
    setFocus() causes errors in the console - onload scripts no longer work
  35. IX-10264: Flat menu
    Menu item is not highlighted
  36. IX-10326: Script tab
    New event "onactiondone" for buttons with the action "Save" or "Delete"
  37. IX-10342: Portal service
    portal.wcf: Whitespace in the path to the log directory prevents the service from being started
  38. IX-10343: JavaScript
    From OU17 onwards, the Intrexx date picker will be used for date fields on mobile end devices and not the native date picker of the respective end device (IOS/Android) - as was previously the case - as this provides more functions.
  39. IX-10349: Drop-down list - Data mapping
    Incorrect XML causes subsequent errors
  40. IX-10350: Application import
    When reimporting, custom grid data is overwritten
  41. IX-10357: JavaScript
    Close notifier button (x) no longer available
  42. IX-10359: Operator
    throws errors in the "Style" tab when using a tableless layout
  43. IX-10366: Email configuration
    Button in the notification email is missing if the user does not have permission for the target page
  44. IX-10371: Edit layout in Intrexx Share
    Update request to browser has no effect for the application CSS
  45. IX-10382: Groovy - Class FileUCHelper
    Extension for replacing files
  46. IX-10383: Connector for IBM Lotus Notes
    Cannot access text list
  47. IX-10385: Drop-down list - Data mapping
    Cannot be created again
  48. IX-10388: View table
    Pagination does not jump to the start of the page
  49. IX-10390: "Tools" module
    Help pages do not load
  50. IX-10406: Calculation
    Missing style classes for "td" elements under "tableSummary"
  51. IX-10407: FileWalker
    Cannot copy and move files
  52. IX-10409: Software update
    Error when choosing the option "No automatic updates"
  53. IX-10411: FileWalker
    Copying files on Windows causes errors
  54. IX-10412: Software update
    Implement mechanism for exchanging the updinstall.bat/sh
  55. IX-10418: Connector for Connector API - Authentication
    Support custom query string parameters in OAuth2 redirect
  56. IX-10423: Application import
    throws errors
  57. IX-10441: Flat menu
    Dependent menus are not updated correctly
  58. IX-10444: Open portal
    No feedback to user if connection could not be established
  59. IX-10451: "Dependencies" tab
    cannot be opened
  60. IX-10458: Publish applications
    Performance of BusyGlassPane
  61. IX-10459: Button with the "Data Picker" action
    Data Picker does not refresh when the edit field is cleared
  62. IX-10462: JavaScript
    checkRequired() does not display defined message
  63. IX-10485: Intrexx Share - Comments
    Images in comments do not have the same size
  64. IX-10493: Button with the "Data Picker" action
    Data Picker info window is only displayed if a data record is found
  65. IX-10495: Print view
    In Safari, the view page is not shown in the print view but the portal login page
  66. IX-10497: Intrexx Share - Images in posts
    Duplicate qs_imageSize parameter
  67. IX-10509: Create portal - PostgreSQL
  68. IX-10517: Intrexx Share - Chat
    Deactivating chat after switching is no longer error-free
  69. IX-10518: Portal database
    Incorrect fallthrough in DataXmlImporter
  70. IX-10523: Multiple selection element
    Cannot select entries
  71. IX-10528: Calendar
    Tooltip does not appear next to the entry
  72. IX-10532: Intrexx Share - Profile
    mouseover on generic iamges does not show the name correctly
  73. IX-10534: Online Update
    Exception when downloading OU in a setup without a client
  74. IX-10535: Connector for IBM Lotus Notes
    Data record cannot be saved
  75. IX-10537: Connector for dg hyparchive
    Error when creating maps via the report action
  76. IX-10591: Portlet container / Portlets
    Performance: Cache compiles Groovy filter scripts
  77. IX-10603: Portlets
    Frequent loading of portlets
  78. IX-10607: Tooltip
    is opened and closed in a loop
  79. IX-10645: Connector for OData/SAP Gateway
    Error when uploading a file as a media resource entry
  80. IX-10646: Set focus
    Configurations in the Manager, FupConverter and patcher
  81. IX-10649: Change server
    Client - Server version conflict: Incorrect specifications
  82. IX-10651: eProcurement
    View article: The object is null
  83. IX-10682: Drop-down list - Data mapping
    does not work any more
  84. IX-10708: "Design" module - Menus
    Multiple menus on a page can cause an incorrect home menu entry
  85. IX-10740: Intrexx Share
    Polling does not run
  86. IX-10778: New portal - Standard template
    getHiddenModules() is output