Changelog for Online Update no. 16

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 12.10.2020

  1. Update to patch level 16
  2. IX-8527: Fallback value / Bindings
    Value for target.argument['STRID'] is not found when jumping
  3. IX-9559: JMX
    Support process: Cannot generate head dump
  4. IX-9564: Free layout table
    Cannot export if the table has a link destination
  5. IX-9577: Drop-down list
    Error message when selecting the first blank entry in the data mapping
  6. IX-9718: Calculation
    Functions for the current view only return the fallback value
  7. IX-9722: Calculation
    Functions for cumulative calculations do not respond
  8. IX-9770: Listbox
    Dependency between two list boxes (unordered list) - Error when deselecting: e.append is not a function
  9. IX-9870: View table
    Selecting a preselection has no effect
  10. IX-9882: Tree
    Jump to the view on another page is not performed
  11. IX-9893: Import portal
    Troubleshooting dialog is missing if the REST connection is interrupted
  12. IX-9902: Tree
    Tree structures, error on drag & drop, folder position
  13. IX-9905: Import portal
    Language settings are lost if the default language is English
  14. IX-9916: Filter expresision properties
    Duplicate "Orgstruct" in the filter
  15. IX-9923: Task scheduler
    Automatic execution is reset
  16. IX-9924: Link destination
    to an image in a view table throws the JavaScript error "Cannot read property 'initialize' of undefined"
  17. IX-9928: Export application
    Applications cannot be exported without all dependent applications
  18. IX-9975: File storage location
    is ignored when an application is imported
  19. IX-9995: Portal Manager
    Memory problem, Chart - Properties dialog
  20. IX-9996: Portal Manager
    Memory problem, Button - Properties dialog
  21. IX-9997: Portal Manager
    Memory problem, Edit field - Properties dialog
  22. IX-9999: Portal Manager
    Memory problem, Text area - Properties dialog
  23. IX-10005: JavaScript
    Regex affects the selection of JavaScript functions in the Portal Manager
  24. IX-10012: Data Picker
    Info window is shown even if the settings say it should not
  25. IX-10018: Chart
    Export icons are not loaded
  26. IX-10019: CMS pages
    Application menu is not shown
  27. IX-10020: Child data groups
    with the attribute foreignKeyConstraint="" throw errors on import
  28. IX-10023: Binding
    session["SESSIONID"] is not resolved
  29. IX-10039: Layout
    Tab menu moves layout apart
  30. IX-10041: Research table with child data group
    Cannot jump to child data group
  31. IX-10046: Portlets
    Activating/deactivating the mandatory portlet settings causes errors
  32. IX-10047: Patcher error
    "precision" attribute in the XML is also patched to "size" attribute for floats/double
  33. IX-10051: Intrexx Share - Profiles
    Clicking on a profile opens the personal page in a tooltip
  34. IX-10058: Velocity
    getValueHoder("checkvcontrol") no longer returns "null"
  35. IX-10061: Microsoft Office 365 - Search for folder
    Field in the dialog is displaced
  36. IX-10063: Roles - General
    Description field only scrolls horizontally
  37. IX-10064: WriteContainer
    in a child data group - Settings cannot be made when writing to a child data group
  38. IX-10065: User information
    not left-aligned
  39. IX-10069: Data Picker
    Whitespace at the end
  40. IX-10090: Portal Manager
    XSS gap in 20.09 RC
  41. IX-10091: Applikations
    Bundesliga Prediction Game generates errors in the log
  42. IX-10101: Search result
    Date is <encoded value>
  43. IX-10110: TinyMCE editor
    is no longer used in German
  44. IX-10112: Intrexx Share - Additional control
    Clicking on a picture opens the personal page in a tooltip
  45. IX-10115: Upgrade
    Export dialog in browser outside the visible area
  46. IX-10120: Data group action
    System data group expects a filter but it cannot be set
  47. IX-10148: Listbox
    Data Picker with composite PrimaryKey does not work
  48. IX-10155: Groovy
    FileUCHelper.moveFileToIntrexx(g_context, file, guid, recid, false) throws an unexpected NullPointerException
  49. IX-10173: Calendar
    Appointment series cannot be edited
  50. IX-10212: DMS 3.0
    Document cannot be edited if the user is deleted
  51. IX-10235: DMS 3.0
    Portal Manager freezes if the user clicks on "Cancel" in the properties dialog and then opens the tree
  52. IX-10245: Tree
    Leading slash in front of the relative image path
  53. IX-10310: Tree
    Creating entries in the fourth level causes an error when the "Edit entry" page is opened for the second or third time
  54. IX-10311: Print view
    Second record is created
  55. IX-10313: Import/export portal
    Doubled patch
  56. IX-10319: Research table
    Export does not resolve column names from language constants
  57. IX-10333: Filewalker
    Dialog throws an exception if "Solr single index server" is defined in the search
  58. IX-10336: Favorites Portlet
    "Add favorite" tooltip contains Lorem Ipsum text
  59. IX-10337: Favorites Portlet
    Incorrect line breaks in the mobile version of the "Add favorite" tooltip
  60. IX-10338: TinyMCE editor
    editor = "1" required for compatibility