Changelog for Online Update No. 15

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 16.09.2020

A necessary adjustment to the Intrexx Share additional controls can mean that layout styles need to be adjusted in custom layouts. Make sure that the CSS class "#Action_Share .Share_Addition_Control" in your layout contains the following styles: #Action_Share .Share_Addition_Control { float: left; }
  1. Update to patch level 15
  2. IX-1405: View table
    Checkbox for selecting single table rows no longer works correctly
  3. IX-6688: Provide web service
    Scanning the Intrexx web service provider via causes errors
  4. IX-7414: Favorites portlet
    Favorites portlet cannot be configured by users without the "Edit portlet" setting
  5. IX-7488: Intrexx upgrade
    leaves old jar files in lib/distributed
  6. IX-7905: References
    Problems when deleting a reference
  7. IX-8343: Groovy
    No longer possible to read the HTTP body via a request
  8. IX-8654: View table
    Exporting a view table via the Export button does not filter the exported list
  9. IX-9071: Portlet styles
    are remembered when an application is exported
  10. IX-9291: Calculation
    cannot average negative values
  11. IX-9296: Tab menu
    Jump to an edit page causes errors
  12. IX-9404: Additional control: Favorites
    Drop-down list in the layout is not shown
  13. IX-9473: Deleted application
    Portal not accessible
  14. IX-9478: Export processes and applications
    The file path is incorrect on Mac OS
  15. IX-9494: Parameters
    Problems with quotation marks
  16. IX-9561: Publish applications
    Using a duplicate GUID is not prevented
  17. IX-9675: View table
    does not refresh after being recreated
  18. IX-9728: Search
    Solr cannot process some date entries in EXIF information
  19. IX-9732: Lock column headings
    Is lost on reload
  20. IX-9739: Show/Hide
    groupings should be possible when the user clicks on the area next to it
  21. IX-9745: Data Picker
    Data Picker button GUID is not replaced when the page is copied
  22. IX-9748: Publish applications
    Client should find fault with duplicate GUIDs
  23. IX-9749: Stop portal service
    Error in the portal log
  24. IX-9753: Save buttons
    for edit tables in a child data group are not shown
  25. IX-9758: Forum
    ResultSet is not closed properly
  26. IX-9775: File storage location
    on Linux: "/" is changed to "\"
  27. IX-9779: portal.log
    Version history is not sorted
  28. IX-9780: Import
  29. IX-9786: Intrexx Share - Projects
    Timeline/Gantt: Date format cannot be adjusted
  30. IX-9813: Search
    ClassCastException when testing the connection to Solr Cloud
  31. IX-9825: Parameter
    gets lost
  32. IX-9847: Resource application
    Loading appointments sometimes takes a very long time
  33. IX-9851: Standard text editor
    URI with reserved characters
  34. IX-9854: Data Picker
    Other content on the page is briefly displaced when the button is clicked on
  35. IX-9857: eProcurement
    Error when the user clicks on the shopping basket
  36. IX-9858: Online Update
    Display error: OU 13 SIR 13 not installed
  37. IX-9861: Intrexx Share - Projects
    Timeline/Gantt: Relation to project
  38. IX-9864: Calendar
    does not update after saving
  39. IX-9888: CMS2 pages
    Breadcrumb path contains the name of the selected page layout
  40. IX-9892: Drop-down list
    Title is overwritten by the data field title
  41. IX-9907: eProcurement
    Items cannot be removed from the shopping basket
  42. IX-9909: eProcurement
    No request for minimum order quantity
  43. IX-9914: Calculation
    Values cannot be added to the formula at first
  44. IX-9927: Connect to server
    Error when connecting to a Microsoft Windows Server 2019 portal from the Manager
  45. IX-9954: Chart
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<'
  46. IX-9955: Intrexx Share - Groups
    Poor appearance if there are not group favorites
  47. IX-9965: Processes
    JVM warnings in the portal startup log
  48. IX-9970: Oracle
    Valid username is rejected because it is invalid
  49. IX-9979: "Problems" area
    Duplicate GUIDs - Show check
  50. IX-9989: Velocity
    $Loader.getDataCollection().getProperties() no longer functions correctly
  51. IX-10033: Calculation
    returns 0 (or the fallback value) if TotalCount (table) is applied to a free layout table