Changelog for Online Update no. 11

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 08.05.2020

  1. Update to patch level 11
  2. IX-1579: Cookies notification
    Obtain approval to use cookies
  3. IX-3299: IIS as a reverse proxy
    Website host is not considered for the base URL
  4. IX-3452: Button
    that links to an existing data record on a plugin feed page is not shown
  5. IX-3842: Grid
    If the "Same container height" setting is deactivated, the "Always position last container at the right-hand edge of the grid" setting has no effect - the last container is always positioned to the right
  6. IX-4229: Portlet settings
    like style, title or border can only be administrated if the default setting "Edit portal" has been set for all users
  7. IX-4500: Primary key data field (PK) (S) ID
    The name of the primary key data field in applications can be changed after the application has been published but there is no notification that it is not changed at the database level. The name can only be changed before the application is published for the first time
  8. IX-4530: Applications with a "Tree" element
    Long loading times
  9. IX-4811: Connector API
    "No primary key field values" error with DataPicker
  10. IX-5024: Software update
    Patching error for drop-down lists
  11. IX-5070: WriteContainers
    Multiple WriteContainers that write to the same data group generate multiple data records when saving
  12. IX-5083: Software update
    Not all entries from portal.wcf are included in the classpath when patching a portal, publishallprocesses fails
  13. IX-5140: General license
    does not replace Intrexx Share licenses
  14. IX-5141: Dependency
    Triggering a dependency in a free layout table causes errors under some conditions
  15. IX-5551: Tooltips
    are opened in the main window if the connection is slow
  16. IX-5577: Control type
    is not updated when a parameter is assigned
  17. IX-5587: "Cancel" buttons
    are positioned above the "Save" button in some layouts
  18. IX-5610: Generate documents
    Email control type causes errors
  19. IX-5611: Save
    Prevent user input during save processes
  20. IX-5839: Additional control: Share messages
    New styles
  21. IX-5843: Search facets
    The facet name is shown in the search instead of the multilingual title
  22. IX-5902: Import
    The version number of newer process versions is not shown in the error message
  23. IX-6036: Delete multiple applications back to back
    The "Delete", "Copy", "Open" buttons are not shown
  24. IX-6050: SystemCare
    does not delete old exports properly
  25. IX-6100: Ticker portlet
    does not function due to rewritten URL
  26. IX-6166: Static element titles
    If a title is deleted in the properties dialog and then the dialog is closed and reopened, the title is still shown in the dialog
  27. IX-6181: Velocity editor
    New option "Insert final line break on exit" in the "Edit" menu. "Active" is the default setting
  28. IX-6228: Search language
    is not transferred in some circumstances
  29. IX-6235: WriteContainers
    Bindings are incorrect when editing Bindings bei Bearbeitung fehlerhaft
  30. IX-6254: Locally saved application
    loses document generation settings when opened
  31. IX-6268: Dynamic view
    Default values are not evaluated
  32. IX-6273: Language constants
    Different fallback behavior on the web
  33. IX-6290: Image selection
    displays "_meta" folder
  34. IX-6359: Calendar
    Multiple calendars on a view page do not function
  35. IX-6381: Dynamic view
    does not render the maximum width
  36. IX-6382: Java classes in process objects
    A process triggered by a login is not executed
  37. IX-6404: Disconnect from server
    Changes in the portal properties cause errors after they are applied and the user disconnects from the server
  38. IX-6413: Parameter
    is not transferred correctly by an existing data record
  39. IX-6449: Grouping
    Expert attribute "backgroundcolor" is not updated when groupings are copied
  40. IX-6480: Solr search server
    Index trace has no function
  41. IX-6503: Preselection
    Problems in view tables
  42. IX-6507: Drop-down list - Special data sources
    Class "DsGroupListProcessor" throws an exception if the user group no longer exists
  43. IX-6522: Import
    The version number of newer application versions is not shown in the error message
  44. IX-6541: JavaScript
    inkingString does not work in text areas that are shown as a link
  45. IX-6567: Displayed value in drop-down lists
    The displayed value is blank when filtering via Data Picker
  46. IX-6579: Data Picker
    displays list values too small
  47. IX-6606: Headless installation
    Script for the headless client update does not find log4j2_ouinst.xml
  48. IX-6607: Intrexx Share - "Like" action
    Showing users causes errors
  49. IX-6621: Tree
    Problems when moving subfolders
  50. IX-6623: "Users and groups"
    Filtering by roles returns an error message
  51. IX-6624: Layout CSS
    Special characters in comments cause the size to be increased after an update
  52. IX-6635: Tenant assignment
    does not provide just tenant objects but all objects
  53. IX-6642: Destination options
    are lost when jumping from an edit page in a parent data group to an edit page in a child data group with the setting "Jump to existing data record" if the dialog is closed with "OK" and then reopened
  54. IX-6650: Destination options
    The whole page is updated on MouseOver despite contrary settings
  55. IX-6685: Button actions
    Under some conditions, parameters are reset when switching between the "Link destination", "Parameter" and "Destination options" tabs
  56. IX-6686: Line
    Delete elements leave orphaned lines behind
  57. IX-6812: REST
    Timeout issue in the Portal Manager
  58. IX-6814: Gauge
    Dialog cannot be closed
  59. IX-6819: ORA-02275
    Referential constraint already found in the table
  60. IX-6826: Portal export
    Incorrect parameter information in
  61. IX-6843: Page wizard
    If an edit page is created in a data group with references and the references are shown as a drop-down list - the drop-down list and all subsequent elements are not created
  62. IX-6880: NGINX configuration
    Incorrect message when closing the portal properties dialog
  63. IX-6888: Menu structure
    If a page from an application (page with a portlet container) is selected as the start page instead of the default portal page, another login page appears instead of the start page after the first login even though the user has already logged in
  64. IX-6890: Tree element
    cannot be written to the WriteContainer
  65. IX-6902: Portal import
    creates an empty "dbtempl" directory
  66. IX-6913: Filter information
    does not display the title for drop-down lists
  67. IX-6941: Word cloud
    A hashtag that only contains numbers and is in a word cloud, which is configured as a filter, causes reload errors when clicked on
  68. IX-6944: View table
    Hiding a Boolean field is not applied in the settings
  69. IX-6982: Free layout table
    If the value in the edit field contains quotation marks, only the text before the quotation mark is shown after saving
  70. IX-7014: Intrexx Share - Links to profiles
    The last two characters are cut off
  71. IX-7015: FileWalker
    Optimized application publish ignores changes to permissions
  72. IX-7029: Task scheduler
    Share feed index job cannot be executed successfully
  73. IX-7030: Portlet
    It is not possible to move a portlet after moving a portlet to the grid and reopening the configuration page after saving
  74. IX-7032: FileWalker
    Error when requesting connections
  75. IX-7037: Multiple selection
    Lists are shown with different heights
  76. IX-7052: Free layout table
    does not display all data records under some conditions
  77. IX-7053: Calendar and resource views
    Navigating through days in the navigation calendar navigates through weeks
  78. IX-7066: Button
    in te second tooltip with no link to a page is not closed
  79. IX-7067: HTML elements
    are not displayed correctly in the layout
  80. IX-7071: Data navigation
    does not save
  81. IX-7072: Data navigation
    The button is not displayed when switching to another data record
  82. IX-7081: Create new Intrexx Share event
    Assigned style is not written
  83. IX-7090: Create new public Intrexx Share group
    Adding a member throws errors (portal.log)
  84. IX-7095: Email service
    The dialog that is displayed when the service is activated while the "queue" folder still contains emails is confusing
  85. IX-7096: Intrexx Share - Polls
    Important / Urgent settings cause errors
  86. IX-7107: Create new portal
    Dialog freezes when the "Empty portal" template is selected
  87. IX-7113: File selection
    An uploaded file cannot be removed before the data record is saved
  88. IX-7128: Import
    A process can be imported even though it was created in a newer version, despite a correct notification
  89. IX-7132: WriteContainers
    If a multiple selection element with the settings "Values from applications" (Data source dialog) and "List in a text field" (Save options dialog), it is added to the WriteContainer twice.
  90. IX-7142: Data Picker
    JavaScript that should be executed afterwards is not
  91. IX-7148: Prevent filter dialog
    Long text contains string field
  92. IX-7149: Document Management 3.0
    Deactivating documents causes errors
  93. IX-7160: Drop-down list
    Dependencies - a filter functions only every other time if one list filters another
  94. IX-7163: Layout menus
    "Append application menu" option does not work
  95. IX-7164: JavaScript
    Unescaped CR and LF in multiline JavaScript constants cause errors
  96. IX-7200: Language constants in applications
    Incorrect HTML encoding if a value contains an apostrophe
  97. IX-7234: Portlet settings
    Administrators cannot move portlets in default mode if moving portlets is deactivated
  98. IX-7238: GUID and string primary keys
    allow Cross-Site-Scripting
  99. IX-7254: Sortable list
    Missing JSON encoding
  100. IX-7262: SystemCare
    403 execution error
  101. IX-7307: Insert data record
    Instead of opening an edit page that has just been integrated into the free layout table, the originally integrated page is opened
  102. IX-7309: Email action
    generates duplicate data records in certain constellations
  103. IX-7320: Groovy script
    API for search
  104. IX-7334: JavaScript
    Browser.insertValue(); no longer works
  105. IX-7348: Expert attributes
    Inadequate escaping in tables
  106. IX-7354: Expert attributes
    autosubmit does not work correctly in tables if used multiple times
  107. IX-7363: Expert attributes
    Attribute encoding in the XSL template "getDescription"
  108. IX-7366: Chart
    Not possible to change or specify values for the tooltips
  109. IX-7377: Create portal
    Logs from a user-defined storage location cannot be viewed in the Portal Manager
  110. IX-7379: NGINX reverse proxy
    Portal with NGINX as the reverse proxy cannot be created under the headless installation
  111. IX-7380: Office Integration
    Problem when saving
  112. IX-7386: Portlet settings
    Resetting the portlet settings deletes the Login portlet
  113. IX-7397: Oracle8 descriptor
    is selected for Oracle 19c
  114. IX-7399: Statistics
    Logging loses almost all data at the end of the day
  115. IX-7402: JavaScript
    dateComparedToNow(); function does not work for view fields
  116. IX-7418: Sortable list
    Values with quotation marks are not displayed correctly Werte mit Anführungszeichen werden nicht korrekt dargestellt
  117. IX-7428: Edit field options
    Configuring 0 decimal places generates a message in the browser when saving that "The entered number is not a safe number"
  118. IX-7447: Expert attribute
    If an attribute's value contains quotation marks, the text is cut off or broken HTML is generated
  119. IX-7448: WriteContainer
    is deleted when the relevant grouping is removed
  120. IX-7454: License Manager
    Anonymous is counted if the user has write access to at least one data group
  121. IX-7455: Global language constants
    cannot be selected in applications
  122. IX-7466: SAP Business Suite
    License message incomplete
  123. IX-7468: Search
    "Show search suggestions" blocks the search in Internet Explorer 11
  124. IX-7475: Importing
    referenced applications with data is not possible
  125. IX-7491: Protection against Cross-Site-Scripting
    CSRF token validation - Problem when transferring form data via Ajax
  126. IX-7533: Certificates
    When selecting a certificate for the SSL encryption, the path of the client computer is used
  127. IX-7545: JavaScript
    Show/Hide grouping: Help function for the button to determine the grouping name with oUp.flipControl returns "undefined"
  128. IX-7551: Portlets
    Writing to meta_application.xml when publishing can mean that portlets, which are shown later in a portlet control in the browser and are therefore written to the database, cannot be found
  129. IX-7580: Load pages with cookies
    Unstable browser behavior, especially in Internet Explorer 11
  130. IX-7590: Parameters
    Incorrect evaluation order while saving
  131. IX-7608: Intrexx Share - Links to profiles
    Data Picker interprets email address as names
  132. IX-7610: FileWalker
    Search results cannot be opened
  133. IX-7618: Velocity
    Binding.isValueAvailable() not sufficient
  134. IX-7663: Publish application
    Error messages are not clear enough
  135. IX-7686: Process event sources
    Some event sources do not reset the thread context correctly if there are problems with database connections
  136. IX-7692: Import libraries
    Restart notification is missing after an import
  137. IX-7700: Document Management 3.0
    Some file names do not allow files to be uploaded
  138. IX-7705: Data transfer
    no longer works correctly between two portals
  139. IX-7706: Chart
    with color from a data field and a dependency causes a JavaScript error mit Farbe aus Datenfeld und Abhängigkeit erzeugt JavaScript-Fehler
  140. IX-7721: Certificate
    When logging in to a brand new portal for the first time, the dialog for importing certificates is not shown
  141. IX-7726: JavaScript
    Browser.getValue() does not work for "Text" checkboxes
  142. IX-7738: Software update
    On Linux, execution permissions are lost with the online update
  143. IX-7739: Application import
    Exception is ignored
  144. IX-7742: Export
    Typo in the export dialog
  145. IX-7746: Velocity
    Due to the change in the behavior of IBinding.isValueAvailable(), the link resolver can no longer handle null values from the sharedState
  146. IX-7753: Export
    Portal Manager crashes when exporting applications on Mac OS X Mojave
  147. IX-7766: Change server
    Login error
  148. IX-7773: View table
    Error when selecting custom styles
  149. IX-7791: Dynamic view
    is rendered with an additional surrounding span in a tableless layout.
  150. IX-7811: Menus
    Handling of overlapping jumps in the browser such as when the first page is not completely processed
  151. IX-7838: Import
    After pressing "Cancel", another, redundant dialog is shown
  152. IX-7848: Data navigation
    Saving the current data record overwrites the next or previous data record, respectively
  153. IX-7853: Application import
    Ambiguous name assignment for foreign keys
  154. IX-7889: Application export
    Custom lib\extensions are extracted correctly on Windows (Server/Client) but not on Windows client/Linux Server
  155. IX-7941: Applications
    Problems with the app system / Content Management System
  156. IX-8002: Software update
    Error due to insufficient permissions (Portal Manager was not started as the administrator)
  157. IX-8064: Tooltip
    actionClose does not respond
  158. IX-8067: Intrexx Share post
    from an unknown user causes errors
  159. IX-8191: Intrexx Share administration
  160. IX-8196: SystemCare
    Portal files cannot be opened with the supervisor service
  161. IX-8197: Groovy
    Enable Groovy closures as AfterCommitActions
  162. IX-8292: Software update
    Online Updates cause incomplete binary directories