Changelog for Online Update no. 10

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 16.03.2020

  1. Update to patch level 10
  2. IX-7197 - 7198: Applications were lost when an Online Update was installed
    If a virus scanner is activated during an Online Update, in rare cases, certain files may be locked meaning all applications are not available after the update.
  3. IX-7154: Comment control causes errors
    In the properties of Share plugins, users can define when posts should be hidden on News. Files were no longer displayed in the Share comment control for these posts.
  4. IX-6992: Radio button group - Default value for new data records
    Previously, users could only define a default value for new data records. Now they can define a default value for existing data records.
  5. IX-7025: Email attachment
    When sending summary emails whose content is taken from a free layout table, attachments are not sent with the emails.
  6. IX-6901: No error message for an error during a portal export due to too little memory
    If a portal is exported to a medium without enough memory, a corresponding error message is not shown.
  7. IX-7187: Search in the Online Help
    When searching in the Online Help, the file "_index.html" is shown as a result.
  8. IX-6867: "Basic" file control - Successfully deleting a button via "X" not visible to users When a user deleted files via the "X" button in a file control ("Basic" template), the user could not see this.
  9. IX-6866: Filewalker - Options tooltip not visible
  10. IX-6864: Gauge control - Reload on start page does not work correctly
  11. IX-6863: File upload in TinyMCE
    In the TinyMCE editor, users could upload files/images even though the "Enable file upload" option was deactivated.
  12. IX-6856: Flickering display in the calendar grid
    When users clicked on the calendar grid, it caused the display to flicker.
  13. IX-6837: Display error of default values in the binding
    If a page contained multiple integer edit fields but a default value was defined for only one of them, the default value was displayed in all edit fields in some cases.
  14. IX-6824: Search suggestions "hang" above the edit field
    If search suggestions were activated in an application with a search control, the suggested terms were not shown correctly in the browser.
  15. IX-6823: System fields could be overwritten
  16. IX-6786: Solr blocks files
    When a file control was added to an application and the file field was included in the search, an error occurred if a user swapped the file shortly after saving it and saved it again.
  17. IX-6768: Processes with "Include processes" cannot be imported
    If a process contained an "Include processes" action, the process could not be imported.
  18. IX-6767: Small changes to an application generate numerous entries in the history
  19. IX-6746: "Organization" cannot be resolved in a process
    If the value "Organization" was selected in a filter condition in a process, errors occurred when saving.
  20. IX-6713: Old <entries> elements in distribution controls prevent publishing
  21. IX-6682: Tooltip is not shown correctly in the mobile view.
    In the "myIntrexxMobil" demo portal, the tooltip for creating news was not fully shown in the mobile view.
  22. IX-6649: Breadcrumb generates a link to a menu container with no link destination
  23. IX-6643: Menu separators do not work correctly
    If a separator was added to the menu, the separator was shown in the menu twice.
  24. IX-6619: Images are not embedded in HTML snippets but linked in PDF documents
    If a user-generated PDF documents with pages that contain HTML, which was loaded via TinyMCE, then the internal images were not shown in the final document.
  25. IX-6613: Fortinet firewall raises the alarm when opening myIntrexx
  26. IX-6601: Portal Manager crashes when importing applications on macOS Mojave
  27. IX-6595: Share feeds cannot be found in the global search
  28. IX-6587: Different patch levels between the Portal Manager and Portal Server are not shown
    If the Portal Manager and Portal Server have different versions, their version was shown but not their patch level.
  29. IX-6584: "Optimized publish" for applications does not save changes
  30. IX-6574: Error when patching email actions
    An error could occur in a process with a loop connection between a filter condition and an email action.
  31. IX-6566: Users can no longer use the keyboard to page through the results list of a Data Picker.
  32. IX-6565: Calendar entry tooltips are outside of the visible area
  33. IX-6560: Image from "Image URL" does not show the graphic in its full size
  34. IX-6546: Buttons do not work as download links in some circumstances
  35. IX-6540: Value range filter filters the date incorrectly
    If the start and end date were the same, the date was filtered incorrectly.
  36. IX-6531: ID of the additional control "Search" cannot be changed.
    The ID of the additional control "Search" could not be changed. This could lead to layouts no longer being openable.
  37. IX-6482: Embedded Tomcat executes JSPs
    The security flaw in Tomcat has been closed.
  38. IX-6458: "Check the application for errors..." message in the footer
    If a user added more than 15 controls to an empty application, the message "Check the application for errors..." was shown multiple times in the footer. The message is now only shown once.
  39. IX-6430: Cannot jump to an application
    If the start page of an application was defined as a portlet, the link in the menu to the same page did not work anymore.
  40. IX-6426: Cannot jump to a data group via the search
  41. IX-6421: Errors when importing applications with gauge controls
  42. IX-6411: Burger icon does not reliably close the menu
  43. IX-6407: Rotated views for the resource calendar do no generate a request parameter for preallocating the resource
  44. IX-6405: When opening the "Annual report" page in the "Statistics" application, a Velocity syntax error occurs
    The error did not occur if the portal is new; existing applications needed to be adjusted.
  45. IX-6377: The right field of the multiple selection element was sometimes displayed to large.
  46. IX-6357: Read/WriteContainers - Fallback value und Velocity code
    If "Velocity" was selected as the fallback value on the "Parameter" tab of a button, a new line could not be begun without the properties dialog closing.
  47. IX-6325: Referencing a system data group with two primary keys prevents the application from being published
  48. IX-6299: Refresh tables when closing a tooltip
    When closing a tooltip, only one table was refreshed instead of multiple tables.
  49. IX-6293: Selecting "Same page" when creating a template, does not function as expected
    When the destination "Same page" is selected when creating a template for control elements, the original page, meaning where the control element was created, is interpreted as the "Same page". In addition, the WriteContainer needed to be reselected every time the template was used.
  50. IX-6280: Not possible to publish applications after importing a portal
    In some circumstances, it was not possible to publish applications after importing a portal even though the import was error-free.
  51. IX-6272: Application cannot be published after moving a radio button group to the hidden area
  52. IX-6222: In the "Task scheduler" in the Portal Manager, repetitions cannot be entered for a file index job.
  53. IX-6217: The photos of inactive users are not synchronized correctly with the Active Directory
  54. IX-6200: "Suggester maintenance" index job faulty
    If the schedule of the "Suggester maintenance" index job was adjusted, an error occurred. This meant that the "Task scheduler" could not be started in the Portal Manager.
  55. IX-6175: Error message when deleting "myIntrexx Portal"
    In specific constellations, a stack overflow exception occurred when deleting portals.
  56. IX-6108: Tagging control does not accept hashtags
    If a user entered a hashtag in a tagging control, this was deleted when the user pressed the spacebar (to enter the next tag).
  57. IX-6099: Tooltip opened from a table leaves space after it is closed
    If a view page is opened from a table with the destination option "Open in grouping" > "Beneath the current table row]" and then closed via the "Close tooltip" button, then the space created for the tooltip remained.
  58. IX-6016: Users can delete portlets despite having no permission to do so
  59. IX-5984: In special constellations, users can delete portlets of other users
  60. IX-5932: Portal service cannot be started on Mac
  61. IX-5907: "Calculation" element applies the "Formula prefix" and "Formula suffix" to other "Calculation" elements.
  62. IX-5892: Link dialog for buttons allows non-permissible configurations
    If a button jumps to another view page, then a non-permissible configuration was generated ("Create new data record"). The Portal Manager behaved in a similar manner if the button was initially configured to jump to an edit page with "Create new data record" and the jump was then changed to a view page.
  63. IX-5835: Filter in a dependency cannot be opened
  64. IX-5818: Charts - Special characters in the value for the rows cause errors
    If the data field used for the rows contains special characters, such as 'ยง', the diagram was not displayed.
  65. IX-5514: Control elements moved incorrectly are visible in the Application Designer
  66. IX-5440: Report buttons open in a new window even though "Open in new tab" was selected in the properties dialog.
  67. IX-5326: Portal Manager stops on inactive link destination option
  68. IX-5272: Strange behavior when importing an application package
  69. IX-4840: Close tooltips with Escape
    In some circumstances, tooltips could be closed with Escape even though this should not have been possible (closeByEsc: false).
  70. IX-4429: Errors occur when uploading and cropping images
  71. IX-4042: Online Surveys from the App Store does not work
  72. IX-3801: Filters do not function correctly with the French number format