Changelog for Online Update no. 08

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 28.11.2019

  1. Update to patch level 08
  2. Alpha-index / Filter information
    Incorrect display of the filter buttons when the filter information element is used together with the alpha-index filter
  3. Application import
    Application cannot be imported under Oracle
  4. Main menu item
    If a main menu item has sub-menu items and one of these is selected, the main menu item is selected but when the page is loaded is deselected and then selected again, meaning it flickers
  5. Drop-down list
    If a drop-down list without a link is added to a view page within a data group, the preselection is ignored when using user-defined values as the source
  6. Gauge
    If there are multiple gauges on one page, the values are not displayed correctly
  7. Users application
    User images are not displayed in the telephone book
  8. Publish applications
    Publishing error when a data group has an additional primary key and the subordinate data group has an additional foreign key
  9. Document generation / FileWalker
    PDFs do not open correctly in Chrome
  10. DMS3
    Error when creating a second WriteContainer on the Document page
  11. DataGrid settings
    Warning message cannot be closed with Cancel
  12. System data group
    Data is not exported
  13. Data transfer
    Implement rollback in case of errors
  14. Date picker calendar
    The mobile date picker calendar does not show the seconds for selection; this causes validation errors (Android/iOS)
  15. Date value loses time zone
    If a "Date" data field is transferred as a parameter and its value is written to a control, the value loses the time zone
  16. Page wizard
    does not create a link block for the view page of a free layout table
  17. SystemCare / Diagnosis - Save information
    Diagnosis export generates warnings about outdated jars in the lib directory
  18. Select website
    The list of existing websites in the dialog cannot be refreshed when creating a portal
  19. Arrange portlets with drag & drop
    Anonymous use can move portlets
  20. Software update
    Incorrect message for no internet connection / missing online update
  21. File selection
    Instead of writing the value "true" for the Rotate images setting, the servers writes the value "1"
  22. Edit field
    The title entered on the "General" tab is cleared when the user switches to "Title from constant" (and vice versa)
  23. Duplicate comparison in the CRM
    Missing permissions check in results.vm
  24. Data groups
    Error on edit pages with child and grandchild data groups when creating a new grandchild record with a link to the main data group
  25. Email action in processes
    Error when sending pages that contain a "User information" data field
  26. Page permissions in applications
    Error when clicking on a newly created page
  27. FileWalker
    If the Create file permission is revoked, then the user can no longer change the sorting in the browser
  28. Table with a preselection
    Error when filtering a table with a preselection
  29. Free layout table
    "Number of records per page" setting - defaultpagesize is initially written in the wrong element
  30. Free layout table
    Default behavior for Show title is different in the browser and Portal Manager
  31. Portal-wide search
    Links are not shown
  32. Groovy standard library
    "Groovy server scripts" - Json response has been revised
  33. Intrexx Share groups
    Styles for the buttons for accepting the invitation to a group have been revised
  34. Radio button group with the "Input required" setting
    If nothing is entered, an error message is displayed instead of a notification
  35. Menu items with icons instead of links
    Behavior on mouseover / click on the link
  36. Not possible to import an application
    If the user has permission only for the Applications, Processes, Design and Relationships module, then an application cannot be imported
  37. Sorting of applications in the import dialog
    Case-sensitive sorting in the dialog
  38. Calendar plugin
    Drop-down lists on the target page are cleared when the user switches to another tab while editing the properties
  39. Open a page with a calendar
    If a calendar is in a grouping with a conditional display, the grouping causes an error because the calendar is not initialized and rendered when the page is loaded
  40. Elements with a parameter binding
    If an empty parameter is transferred and linked with the element, the empty value is not applied
  41. Copy view fields
    Error when saving because the binding is not adjusted automatically. A notification now appears in the Problems area that the displayed value needs to be adjusted
  42. Tooltip positioning on mobile devices
    Tooltip positioning does not adjust when the device orientation changes
  43. Empty fallback values (static text)
    The dialog does not allow empty values for the "Static text" option
  44. Link in the menu cannot be opened
    Clicking on a link in the menu does nothing if the "Open in new browser window" is not activated
  45. "Tools" module
    Pressing F1 in some areas of the "ToolS" module opens the Help homepage instead of the corresponding help page
  46. Document generation
    Error when creating a document from a view page with a calculation
  47. Multiple selection
    Error when filtering the multiple selection element by values of the "own data record"
  48. Portal page - Default settings
    apply to the whole portal instead of one page
  49. Portlet settings in Default mode
    The buttons are too small. It is difficult to see whether one of the buttons is activated or not.
  50. Portlet settings in Default mode
    Settings made for the portlets, such as style, title or frame, can only be made when the "Edit portlet" setting has been activated for all users in the Default mode
  51. Portlet settings: Grid
    "Centered" setting is not shown in the grid preview
  52. Portlets
    return multiple H1 for search engines in the web
  53. Calculation element
    The Re-run calculations on reload action setting has no effect if the sum of a table column is calculated on the same page and the table is updated via a dynamic filter
  54. Radio button group with the "Input required" setting
    When an option is selected, the message "Please make a selection" is shown in all browsers
  55. myIntrexx demo portal released
  56. Resource application
    The contents of the resource diagram on the application start page are not loaded correctly if filters are defined (such as "Select category") before resources are selected (via the "Select resource" link)
  57. WriteContainer
    Request parameter as a filter criterion of a WriteContainer disappears
  58. Page wizard
    In some cases, existing references are not selectable as controls
  59. Page wizard
    If an edit page is created via the page wizard for a data group with two primary keys, the primary keys have no binding. Even if it is dragged to the WriteContainer, the binding is not created automatically.
  60. Page wizard
    If a Navigation page is created, objects for fallback values are missing. Cause: the information is retrieved from the current application. However, the new page being created is not in the application structure at this point.
  61. LID parameter is transferred for a new record
    The automatic preallocation is sometimes incorrect when creating data records in a hierarchy of main data group, child data group with another child data group
  62. SimpleMailParser
    does not recognize text attachments
  63. Update to 19.03
    Indexing for search configurations causes errors
  64. Document generation
    opens a blank webpage instead of a PDF
  65. SystemCare
    Emojis are treated as unexportable characters
  66. SystemCare
    "System check - Deletion of old portal exports" cannot be performed
  67. Dependencies
    View tagging - Bookmarks cannot be selected as the triggering control
  68. Calendar application template
    Calendar plugin does not show the entries on the Link destination tab when the properties are opened for the first time; the drop-down lists are blank
  69. JavaScript is not executed
    JavaScript is not executed for text areas if the text area is in a free layout table.
  70. "Open in grouping (embedded tooltip)"
    Table is not refreshed if the button that opens the embedded tooltip is in the grouping that the page is embedded in later
  71. Update from 18.03 to 19.03 on Linux
    Error when checking version numbers
  72. Hidden area
    Values in the hidden area are not shown when the keyboard shortcut Alt + H is used
  73. Front-end web server
    Switching from NGINX to IIS causes errors
  74. Open target page in grouping
    The "Restore grouping content when closing the tooltip" setting works in Chrome but Internet Explorer does not restore the grouping and closes the target page
  75. Parent data groups
    In parent data groups, text and file data fields and reference fields from parent data groups cannot be selected as the source of default values
  76. Portal import
    Importing a portal with MSSQL as the data causes errors
  77. Connector for dg hyparchive
    Document type is not set for SAP archive documents
  78. Groovy script
    getUploadFile returns