Intrexx Share 3.1.6 - Changelog

Intrexx Share 3.1 Changelog

Bugfixes and features

  1. SHARE-2909: Groups module
    Read confirmation is set even without confirmation
  2. SHARE-3184: Events module
    When inviting a user to an event, an error message was displayed even though there was no error.
  3. SHARE-3195: Filebox module
    If the creator of a folder was changed, then this change was not applied to the overall view of all folders.
  4. SHARE-3199: Groups module
    Group posts, unread posts
  5. SHARE-3220: Groups module
    Share group with sync with user management
  6. SHARE-3229: Groups module
    Performance problems due to missing database indexes
  7. SHARE-3235: Groups module
    Synchronize with user management, user without share profile
  8. SHARE-3249: Portlets
    Portlets show errors when the user is no longer a member of the group
  9. SHARE-3256: Filebox module
    All files in the filebox are visible to all users
  10. SHARE-3261: Chat module
    Update chat display of new notifications by chat icon
  11. SHARE-3303: Groups module
    Former moderator is now only a member but still has all permissions
  12. SHARE-3328: Intrexx Share
    NPE (getEventFeedParticipation.vm)
  13. SHARE-3331: Groups module
    Create chat with individuals of the group has all users to choose from
  14. SHARE-3333: Groups module
    Distribution list contains inactive users
  15. SHARE-3335: Groups module
    Tooltip title with _tbl - No title is expected at this point
  16. SHARE-3338: News module
    Posts on news are not hidden
  17. SHARE-3341: Intrexx Share / Preview images
    for thumbnails in photos, events etc. multiple upload does not work - file selection is now limited to one picture
  18. SHARE-3345: News module
    Error when editing a post in Share
  19. SHARE-3355: News module
    Custom posts contain GUID from users
  20. SHARE-3362: Intrexx Share / Oracle
    Inconsistent data types in Share 3.1.0