Intrexx Share 3.1.5 - Changelog

Intrexx Share 3.1 Changelog

Bugfixes and features

  1. SHARE-1476: Projects module
    Duplicate email when task is completed
  2. SHARE-1618: Filebox module
    Error when searching for files in Intrexx Version 19.09 with Online Update 01
  3. SHARE-1686: Connections
    Permission check does not work
  4. SHARE-2090: Groups module
    When a user without a profile picture applies to a closed group, a dummy picture that is too large is displayed under "Applications"
  5. SHARE-2319: Chat module
    Chat with one person opens wrong edit page
  6. SHARE-2365: Chat module
    Start chat from a profile - User is not saved in the recipients list
  7. SHARE-2396: Polls module
    Other votes are shown in an anonymous poll
  8. SHARE-2406: Administration
    No refresh after the administrator has edited the navigation
  9. SHARE-2505: Groups module
    Start chap from a group - Buttons only available for members
  10. SHARE-2524: Polls module
    Add option - Dialog closes by itself
  11. SHARE-2576: Email settings
    Tooltip is not closed when saved
  12. SHARE-2578: Events module
    Post share is not visualized
  13. SHARE-2580: Chat module
    Clicking on chat link in the notifications takes the user to localhost
  14. SHARE-2581: Polls module
    Share with a group - Label
  15. SHARE-2582: Polls module
    Share with a group - Plan
  16. SHARE-2583: Polls module
    Share with a group - No function
  17. SHARE-2610: Connections
    Advertisements appear in the connections portlet for photo albums
  18. SHARE-2686: Polls module
    Save button is grayed out until 2 options have been created - then it is clickable
  19. SHARE-2704: "Posts" portlet
    does not update automatically
  20. SHARE-2746: Projects module
    App does not work correctly with an Oracle database
  21. SHARE-2748: Comments
    Mandatory field check checks at least two pages at the same time
  22. SHARE-2781: Advertisements module
    Users without permission can see advertisements
  23. SHARE-2850: Connections
    Layout for a connecting a group to a filebox is broken
  24. SHARE-2881: Administration
    If an administrator deactivates a profile, they are led away from the area
  25. SHARE-2882: Administration
    No way to delete an administrator, only deactivate
  26. SHARE-2883: Profiles module
    Profiles marked as "deleted" can be selected
  27. SHARE-2894: Polls module
    Add new option to a poll - Tooltip closes
  28. SHARE-2909: Read confirmation
    is set even without a confirmation
  29. SHARE-2918: Chat module
    Chat notification is not removed after reading the notification
  30. SHARE-2920: Navigation
    Overlapping text
  31. SHARE-2925: Contacts
    Filter does not work
  32. SHARE-2926: Chat module
    "Open/Close" title for the chat icon opens sometimes
  33. SHARE-2930: Groups module
    Layout of group participation
  34. SHARE-2931: Groups module
    Leave group: No "Cancel" button, only "OK"
  35. SHARE-2932: Contacts
    Remove contact: JavaScript popup instead of Intrexx tooltip
  36. SHARE-2933: Contacts
    Button for "Remove contact" is not the same size
  37. SHARE-2934: Groups module
    Modal tooltip for leaving a group is too big
  38. SHARE-2935: Projects module
    Margins for "Due" tasks are missing
  39. SHARE-2937: Connections
    "Available connections" - Unnecessary scrollbar and displaced elements
  40. SHARE-2938: Events module
    "Add participant" - Big margin to current participants
  41. SHARE-2942: Advertisements module
    "Release advert to" - Drop-down list with two entries on the left is very small
  42. SHARE-2943: Polls module
    Date suggestion - Modal tooltip is untidy
  43. SHARE-2947: News module
    Users who have liked a post cannot be viewed if the post is "Important"
  44. SHARE-2948: Polls module
    Download date does not work correctly with Firefox
  45. SHARE-2950: Navigation
    Constants are not resolved in view tables
  46. SHARE-2952: News module
    Post on News with a file - Link does not lead to a file from the creator
  47. SHARE-2959: Connections
    Container for connections in a group is not shown
  48. SHARE-2966: Notifications portlet
    Error: The same page may only be loaded once
  49. SHARE-2969: Global search
    Hits in Intrexx Share cause errors
  50. SHARE-3001: Comments
    Images are very large in comments
  51. SHARE-3003: Groups module
    Closed groups: Moderators do not have write permissions
  52. SHARE-3005: Chat module
    Video iframe is too big
  53. SHARE-3009: Projects module
    Error in project view if "Closed" is not set
  54. SHARE-3033: Chat module
    Chat does not open after it is created
  55. SHARE-3043: Filebox module
    Error when creating a folder in the filebox
  56. SHARE-3044: Advertisements module
    Error message when creating advertisements
  57. SHARE-3069: Filebox module
    Error when moving a folder
  58. SHARE-3119: Chat module
    Creating a chat in a group with just one person causes errors
  59. SHARE-3124: Intrexx Share
    Cannot be published after OU 17
  60. SHARE-3137: Projects module
    rq parameter is missing for buttons for editing tasks