Intrexx Share 3.1.2 - Changelog

Intrexx Share 3.1 Changelog

Bugfixes and features

  1. SHARE-1297: Groups module
    "Active membership applications" option not available for restricted groups
  2. SHARE-1375: Events module
    Users cannot write posts immediately after saying they will attend, they can only write posts after refreshing the event
  3. SHARE-1491: Share processes
    fail without an email service
  4. SHARE-1570: "Like" action
    Error message, the action is performed anyway
  5. SHARE-1595: Birthdays
    Incorrect quicktip text for the "Congratulate" button
  6. SHARE-1642: Portlet
    in myIntrexx portal causes errors if users do not have a profile
  7. SHARE-1649: Portlet
    "Pers. adverts" is not displayed correctly in the myIntrexx-Portal
  8. SHARE-1659: Administration mode
    "Delete" appears twice in the edit event menu
  9. SHARE-1686: Connections
    Permissions check does not work
  10. SHARE-1688: Projects module
    Marking a project as a favorite outputs a message that the project does not exist
  11. SHARE-1722: Additional control: "Share messages"
    Changed profile picture is not updated
  12. SHARE-1730: New comment
    deletes the submitted read confirmations of the respective post
  13. SHARE-1781: Groups module
    A group's status as closed or open does not work correctly in the Administration mode
  14. SHARE-1808: Projects module
    Filter for own tasks is missing
  15. SHARE-1830: Groups module
    Error when recommending a group that has the "Activate membership applications" option
  16. SHARE-1831: News module
    Link to an album is an edit field
  17. SHARE-1848: Photos module
    Quicktip text for the number of contained photos is "Members:" instead of "Photos:"
  18. SHARE-1850: Polls module
    In administration mode, the list of polls is not refreshed when a poll is deleted
  19. SHARE-1856: Email settings
    of a Share profile cannot be saved (notifications set to "immediately")
  20. SHARE-1864: Projects module
    Button for the priority changes the processing status
  21. SHARE-1865: Planner module
    Incorrect link destination
  22. SHARE-1866: Projects module
    Incorrect tooltip when adding a project manager
  23. SHARE-1869: Chat module
    Edit field is not shown in Interner Explorer 11
  24. SHARE-1907: Chat module
    The date and time are now shown for your own chat. The name, date, time and user picture have been removed for the chat partner
  25. SHARE-1969: Profiles module
    Commas in the filter on the overview page do not work
  26. SHARE-1974: Projects module
    More than 5 tasks with status "To do" can be moved via drag & drop until the navigation of the table is used to either go to another page of the table or to increase the number of displayed records
  27. SHARE-1994: Groups module
    "Chat with individuals from the group" displays a list of all portal users instead of the group's members and moderators
  28. SHARE-2014: Filebox module
    Error when creating folders
  29. SHARE-2015: Chat module
    Error when chatting with users without a profile
  30. SHARE-2017: Chat module
    Link in notification of a new chat directs to "localhost" instead of the corresponding server
  31. SHARE-2025: News module
    Option menu stays open when a post is hidden
  32. SHARE-2042: Groups module
    Error when searching and all additional filters are deactivated
  33. SHARE-2046: Email notification
    Clicking on the link outputs a security notice that the destination cannot be opened
  34. SHARE-2064: Date picker
    Icon overlaps the edit field
  35. SHARE-2070: News module
    Post about the creation of a new group is not seen by all
  36. SHARE-2073: Polls module
    Invited poll participants are not registered and therefore not notified
  37. SHARE-2078: "Event - Info" portlet
    Link is not displayed completely
  38. SHARE-2081: Events modules
    Tooltip for "Delete participation" has no background
  39. SHARE-2082: Groups module
    Text in "Leave group" tooltip has been changed
  40. SHARE-2086: News module
    Uploaded files are not arranged correctly in the post
  41. SHARE-2091: Portlets
    Sorting of user pictures is not logical
  42. SHARE-2093: Links to profiles
    Whitespace at the end of the GUID prevents posting
  43. SHARE-2104: Advertisements module
    Saving a blank comment causes an error
  44. SHARE-2107: Chat module
    Portlet content exceeds the portlet border
  45. SHARE-2118: Help me module
    Incorrect button style
  46. SHARE-2119: Additional control: "Share messages"
    Notifications tooltip is cropped at the bottom
  47. SHARE-2120: Projects module
    Task title exceeds the portlet border
  48. SHARE-2123: Connections
    Connections to hidden modules are still available
  49. SHARE-2127: Connections
    Task title is too big for detail view
  50. SHARE-2129: Groups module
    Error message when creating a Share post in detail view under some circumstances
  51. SHARE-2137: Projects module
    Incorrect date stated in the post (plugin) for a completed task
  52. SHARE-2139: Projects module
    Incorrect date stated on the Kanban board for a completed task
  53. SHARE-2147: Planner module
    Notify users when a date has been set
  54. SHARE-2153: Administration mode
    The setting for read confirmations is ignored, all users can request read confirmations
  55. SHARE-2156: Projects module
    When the Kanban board is loaded for the first time, only the first 5 entries are shown
  56. SHARE-2157: Polls module
    Selecting a category is mandatory
  57. SHARE-2158: Additional control: "Share messages"
    The number of notifications in the control and tooltip are not the same
  58. SHARE-2159: Events modules
    Tooltip to delete participation is transparent
  59. SHARE-2163: Design module
    Increasing the font causes the content to overlap in different areas
  60. SHARE-2203: Intrexx Share
    Images on overview pages are pixelated
  61. SHARE-2214: Polls module
    Categories are not available
  62. SHARE-2218: Personal page
    If a user clicks on "Career" in their own profile portlet, "Misc" is loaded
  63. SHARE-2375: Chat additional control
    loads pictures in full resolution
  64. SHARE-2492: Projects module
    Project members cannot be removed
  65. SHARE-2494: News module
    File names exceed the border of the task post
  66. SHARE-2501: News module
    Post for advertisement is not generated
  67. SHARE-2631: Navigation
    Connections and other links from hidden modules continue to be displayed