Intrexx Share 3.1.1 - Changelog

Intrexx Share 3.1 Changelog

Bugfixes and features

  1. SHARE-523: "Profiles" module
    Create user story
  2. SHARE-525: Navigation
    Create user story
  3. SHARE-611: Connections
    are not shown
  4. SHARE-1372: Delete post
    Tooltip with options is not closed
  5. SHARE-1378: "Help me" module
    The "Cancel" button is missing for comments
  6. SHARE-1384: Add moderator
    does not work
  7. SHARE-1394: Project members
    are not shown in the distribution list
  8. SHARE-1409: Opening polls
    in the archive causes errors
  9. SHARE-1468: "Filebox" module
    Tooltip is not closed when creating a new folder
  10. SHARE-1488: "Groups" module
    Usability in recommendations
  11. SHARE-1504: "Events" module
    Event title overlaps title image
  12. SHARE-1608: "Filebox" module
    Button can be clicked on even though the user does not have the corresponding permission
  13. SHARE-1609: "Filebox" module
    "Move" menu is available even though the user does not have the corresponding permission
  14. SHARE-1611: "Events" module
    "Delete" is shown twice in the administration menu
  15. SHARE-1631: "Polls" module
    Deleting leaves a blank tooltip behind
  16. SHARE-1653: Overview pages
    Title images are cut off on overview pages (various modules)
  17. SHARE-1658: "Polls" module
    Import/urgent actions do not work
  18. SHARE-1673: "Polls" module
    "Anzahl Stimmen" ("Number of votes") not translated in English polls
  19. SHARE-1679: Hide modules
    is not completely successful (portlets are still visible, for example)
  20. SHARE-1683: "Polls" module
    Incorrect link destination
  21. SHARE-1685: Connections
    Creating a new connection in photo albums causes errors
  22. SHARE-1692: Group - Files
    Post for group members not visible
  23. SHARE-1696: Event portlet
    loads a blank page
  24. SHARE-1700: "Groups" module
    Add "Categories" data group
  25. SHARE-1701: "Groups" module
    Add categories when creating a post
  26. SHARE-1702: "Groups" module
    Show categories in group posts
  27. SHARE-1703: "Groups" module
    Add option to activate/deactivate categories in administration mode
  28. SHARE-1704: Installation / Upgrade
    from Intrexx Share 3.0 to 3.1 - duplicated processes
  29. SHARE-1705: "Groups" module
    Create category filter
  30. SHARE-1713: "Groups" module
    Transfer categories to the "Post" data group
  31. SHARE-1715: "Groups" module
    Remove multilingual option for categories
  32. SHARE-1716: "Groups" module
    Rename categories to keywords
  33. SHARE-1718: "Groups" module
    Add type of keywords to better tell them apart
  34. SHARE-1739: Hide modules
    Notification settings can still be seen as normal
  35. SHARE-1763: "Like" action
    Like icon does not change if the action has already been performed
  36. SHARE-1786: "Projects" module
    Task from another project member cannot be commented on
  37. SHARE-1834: "Polls" module
    Poll is shown as "Expired" for a future date
  38. SHARE-1837: Links to profiles
    Multiple links to users in posts are put together incorrectly
  39. SHARE-1846: "Events" module
    Redundant scrollbar on overview page
  40. SHARE-1883: "Groups" module
    Members drop-down list is not complete
  41. SHARE-1925: Personal navigation settings
    When a setting is selected, a second close symbol is shown in a small tooltip
  42. SHARE-1960: "Projects" module
    Own task cannot be commented on
  43. SHARE-1998: "Help me" module
    Filtering answers returns duplicate results
  44. SHARE-1999: Processes
    The process that summarizes skills and writes these in the profile freezes sporadically
  45. SHARE-2006: Multilingualism
    Translated texts that are longer than the German texts exceed the margin