Windows - Command line installation

Intrexx can also be installed by using the command line. To do so, open the Windows command line (Start menu / Run…, then enter "cmd"), then navigate to the download package and enter the following text:
The corresponding installation parameters will be queried. However, you also have the option to transfer a file called "" that contains all parameters. The command line call will then look like the following:
consolesetup.bat --configFile=<path to file>\
The "" file must be created manually. Please enter the corresponding parameters to the file in the following manner:
#Intrexx installation configuration
#TCP-Port for Supervisor Service (default 7960)

#Portal server installation 

#Optional Client (set to false for headless installation) 

#Webserver Connector (set to true, if IIS is used) 

#Installation Directory (e.g. c\:\\program files\\intrexx),; please escape special characters with \
installation.dir=c\:\\program files\\intrexx 

#Source directory, where the setup files are located; please escape special characters with \

#Oracle database support (set to true, if an Oracle DB is used) 

#Apache Derby database installation

#Apache Tomcat Installation, set to true if you want to use Tomcat as webserver 


#Advanced Settings for JRE installed Systems

Set the administrator password
Set a password for the administrator as soon as the installation is complete.
Proceed as follows to do so:
  1. Start the Portal Manager.
  2. Click on "Extras > Administration logins...".
  3. Select the "administrator" user in the dialog that opens.
  4. Click on "Edit".
    The dialog for changing the password will open.

  5. Leave the "Old password" field blank. (The administrator will be given a blank password during the installation process.)
  6. Set a new password and repeat it.
  7. Click on "OK".
You will need to enter this password the next time you log in to the Portal Manager.