Behavior changes in Intrexx 19.03


This chapter describes the behavior changes in Intrexx 19.03.


Intrexx now expects by default that portals are run with an encrypted HTTP connection (HTTPS). This provides the following benefits:

Javascript-API changes

Velocity functions

The method DsucUser#changePassword(JdbcConnection, int, byte[]) has been permanently removed after 4 years deprecation.

Intrexx authentication

Intrexx 19.03 no longer supports the Intrexx challenge-response authentication. This means changes need to be made for deployment and web service logins in Intrexx 19.03:

Portals and portlets

The new portlet framework allows you to create responsive portal pages. The setup of the grid structures is based on the settings in the Applications module.

Portlets across multiple columns:

After the upgrade, existing portal pages will be converted into the new format. However, the conversion cannot take into account whether a portlet took up multiple columns. These settings need to be applied in the grid after the updated.

Portlets in application pages:

As the portlet framework works completely asynchronously, any request values must be transferred to the integrated pages via the portlet container. This cannot be performed automatically during the upgrade. Therefore, if filters of integrated portlets access request values, you should focus your attention on this point.

Load pages from within portlets

If buttons with the "Open in current window" setting open pages from within a portlet, then the page will be opened in the portlet. If the page contains a lot of elements, all page elements may not be displayed in some cases. The "Open target in main window" setting is much more suitable in this case as the loaded page will be displayed in its entirety.



Buttons with "Button" selected as the type and that jump "To the start page of the portal" are no longer supported. They are patched into a "Text" button. The style class is patched to "Link_Standard", custom styles are removed.

View tables

JavaScript that uses Velocity in view tables to access the respective table data record: Scripts that use $drRecord do not work anymore because $drRecord is no longer resolved at this point. Instead, the Velocity part should be transferred to a "data-" attribute, for example, and then read via JavaScript later.

ActionControl in a view table with the following script call:
takeOverTest($drRecord.getValueHolder('integervcontrolB53C1BD7').getValue(), getElement("195D00AD893B2C017E050B1D916688927AAFE825"));
The part
is defined as the value of an attribute (e.g. "data-bugid") on the Expert tab, and the script call is changed to
takeOverTest(this.dataset.bugid, getElement("195D00AD893B2C017E050B1D916688927AAFE825"));

Other changes

  1. "PlainPasswordLoginModule" has been removed. It can be replaced like-for-like by "IntrexxLoginModule".
  2. editcontrols/datetime/UpDateTimeMainEditControl: "toLocalDateString()" removed, 'upDateControl.toLocalFormat()' can be used instead
  3. Intrexx challenge-response authentication is no longer supported. This means changes need to be made in the deployment and for web service logins:
    • We recommend only providing web services with TLS encryption
    • Web service requests from clients - especially Intrexx clients - that use challenge-response authentication need to be reconfigured to log in with username, domain and password
    • When switching to TLS, it may be necessary to provide the consuming clients or portals with the SSL certificate of the Intrexx server
    • The class "de.uplanet.lucy.server.auxiliaries.RemoteAuthProxy", which was used by only a few customers, has been removed. If there are customers who still need this class, it can be reactivated upon request.
  4. The callable "DSPassword" has been removed
  5. The method "DsucUser#changePassword(JdbcConnection, int, byte[])" has been removed after 4 years of deprecation
  6. Session management via the URL parameter "rq_SId" is no longer supported
  7. For reasons of security, there are only HTTP-only cookies with (in the case of HTTPS) with a set secure flag
  8. The class "PortalServerPath" has been removed