Upgrade Intrexx


Older versions

The oldest version, which can be upgraded to Intrexx 19.03, is Intrexx 7.

Upgrade to Intrexx 19.03

With Intrexx 19.03, you receive a completely revised version of the low-code platform, Intrexx. We have taken extensive measures to make your portals even safer, such as a mandatory switch to HTTPS, password encryption with the PBKDF2 process and much more. We have simplified the architecture of web connectors in relation to security and future updates (load balancing, TLS offloading, flexibility). The complete overhaul of the business logic with Intrexx 19.03 offers a whole range of new benefits when designing applications.

Many adjustments had to be made to the existing APIs and interfaces to implement all of these changes. We make every effort to stay as backwards compatible as possible but we cannot always guarantee that everything can be migrated reliably. This especially applies to the use of internal JavaScript methods as there was not an API for these in the past. Therefore, we recommend that you plan your upgrade carefully and to perform it in a separate test environment first. Plan in a timeframe for any potential adjustments. Your Intrexx Partner is happy to support you here.

This section will describe how you can upgrade Intrexx, meaning change the Intrexx version. In particular, it will look at upgrading from 18.03 to 19.03. You need to make key changes to the Intrexx configuration when performing this upgrade. This particularly relates to the "embedded Tomcat" that is an integral part of Intrexx from Version 19.03 onwards. There are two different approaches to this upgrade.