Areas of the Relationships module

Relationships module

1. General / Relationship diagram properties

Every opened relationship diagram can be reached via its own tab at the head of the workspace. By double-clicking on the tab at the top on the workspace the properties dialog of the relationship diagram will open. All other tabs denote an area of the module. All tabs and/or areas of the module can be closed with the symbol and opened from the View menu. You can also move the tabs by dragging & dropping the titles of the diagrams.

2. Elements

Click here for more information about this area.

3. Workspace

In the middle, you will find the workspace where all elements of the relationship diagram are linked to each other.

4. Bird's eye view

Here, you can find a smaller version of the entire relationship diagram, and can navigate with a movable window to the places on the workspace that you wish to see.

Context menu: Automatic scaling

The automatic scaling adjusts the overview to the current size of the Bird's eye view area.

Context menu: Standard scale

The overview is shown in the scale 1:5.

Context menu: Zoom in / Zoom out

Adjusts the zoom level of the bird's eye view.

At the bottom, you will find more tabs which can be shown/hidden via the View menu.

5.1. Search

Search field

Enter a search term here.

Drop-down list

The following functions are available for the search here: Search
Triggers the search. Hits will be shown beneath the search field. If you click on a hit, the corresponding element will be highlighted on the workspace.

Search history
Opens a window with a list of the most recent searches. Click on a search action to repeat it.

7.2 Messages

Provides information about: