Relationships module

1. Create elements

New relationship elements or links can be created via the New menu if an element is selected on the Workspace. You can also drag & drop elements from the Elements area. to the workspace. Drag the new element over the element with which it should be connected. The order of the elements within a level can be modified or subordinate relationships can be attached to existing elements via drag & drop. You can also use the Relationship wizard to create new elements in a relationship diagram. You can reach this via the New menu / Relationship wizard if an element is selected on the workspace.

2. Appearance in the Elements area

How the elements in the Elements area are presented can be changed via the context menu.

3. Search

The search is at the very bottom of the Elements area. Enter a search term here and the elements will be filtered based on your entry.

Reset filter
Deletes the search term and removes the filter.

4. Relationship element

This element is used to define a relationship between two data records that come from two different data groups. Further relationships cannot be attached to links, the element has the same subordinate relationships as the element that it links to. With this, the filters and options of both elements can be configured differently. Therefore, a link is always well suited if you want to repeat sections of a diagram.