Install Intrexx Online Updates


Step-by-step guide

To install Online Updates for Intrexx, please proceed as follows:
  1. Start Intrexx.
    The dialog for installing Online Updates will appear if Online Updates for your Intrexx version were found.
    You can also start this dialog manually via the "Extras" menu > "Online Update".

  2. Click on "Next".
    The Online Updates available are shown.

  3. Click on "Next".
    The Online Updates are downloaded from the United Planet download server.

  4. Click on "Next".
    The dialog for starting the installation will open.

  5. Click on "Start installation".
    You will receive a notification that Intrexx will be closed for the duration of the update. This means that your portal will not be available throughout.

  6. Click on "Yes".
    Another notification will open that will ask you to confirm the installation of the Online Update one more time.

  7. Click on "Yes".
    Once the Online Update has been installed, a dialog will appear and report that the update was successful.

  8. Click on "Finish".
    You have installed the Online Update for Intrexx.