News - Modified features in Intrexx 19.03

1. General

This page provides information about features and functions that are deprecated or have been removed. "Alternative features" are features or products that United Planet no longer provides support for but have a fully functional replacement.

Deprecated features are still included in Intrexx 19.03 for the sake of backwards compatibility. Click here for more information about the new features in Intrexx 19.03.

2. Definitions

Terms like "deprecated" can be understood in different ways. To ensure that the terminology in this document is understood correctly, we will define the respective term at the start of each section.

3. Alternative features

Alternative features have a fully functional replacement. This usually does not require any extra effort on your part. In some cases, the contact person or provider may change. A replaced feature will be removed from the product after 12 months at the latest.

3.1. M-Files Connector

United Planet has handed the support for the M-Files Connector to the partner Convergent. If you are using the connector, United Planet will get in contact with you. You contact person will change in this case.

4. Deprecated features

Deprecated features will no longer continue to be developed. Please do not start using these features in your application development from now on if you have not used them before. Deprecated features will continue to be supported until their end of life if they were used in older versions of Intrexx and are therefore needed for the sake of backwards compatibility. Please look at alternatives if you are using one of the features listed below. The corresponding features will usually be removed 12 months later at the earliest.

4.1. MySQL

MySQL will continue to be supported but is seen as deprecated. The cost of maintaining and supporting MySQL is high. There are significant outgoings to support many different and potentially incompatible databases. If you are using MySQL, please get information about porting to a different database. We recommend using PostgreSQL for a basic installation.

Deprecated since: 18.03.2020
End of life: Intrexx Version 21.03

4.2. Gallery A and B

The A and B galleries are deprecated but will continue to be supported. Both types are based on old technologies. These will be replaced by a new gallery with new technology. From Version 20.03 onwards, customers should use the new gallery type when creating a new gallery. Old galleries will be patched to the new gallery after the end of life.

Deprecated since: 18.03.2020
End of life: Intrexx Version 21.03

4.3. FreeBSD

The FreeBSD operating system will continue to be supported until the end of life. Please get information about alternative operating systems if you are using this.

Deprecated since: 18.03.20
End of life: Intrexx Version 21.03

4.4. Abacus Connector

The Connector for Abacus will not be developed any more but will be supported until the end of life. Due to changes made to the product, high outgoings would be required to guarantee its functionality. Please look into alternative interfaces (e.g. JDBC).

Deprecated since: 01.08.2020
End of life: Intrexx Version 21.09

4.5. Support for Internet Explorer

Support for the Internet Explorer browser is considered deprecated. Please prepare to change browsers. Possible alternatives are: More information about the lifecycle of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge is available here:

Deprecated since: 03.12.2020
End of life: Intrexx Version 21.03

5. Removed features

Removed features are no longer supported by United Planet as of Intrexx Version 19.03. In many cases, the feature is actually removed from the product. In some cases, it may still be in the product. A feature labelled as "removed" is no longer supported even if it is still in the product.

5.1. Buddy portlet

5.2. Notes portlet

5.3. Briefcase

5.4. Chat

The version from 2004 has been removed and not the Intrexx Share Chat module.

5.5. News portlet

The version from 2004 has been removed.

5.6. Santa Clause

5.7. Internet Explorer 9 and 10

5.8. Application templates: Weblog and Bulletin Board

The "Weblog" and "Bulletin Board" application templates, which were created before 2007, are no longer supported.

5.9. Session management via URL parameter

Session management using the URL parameter "rq_SId" is no longer supported. For security reasons, there are only HTTP-only cookies with with a secure flag (in the case of HTTPS).

5.10. Client-side support of web services via the Application Designer

Web service actions in processes can still be used as a workaround.

5.11. Pinboard portlet

Please get information about a replacement, such as a custom portlet that collates the information that was displayed in the Pinboard portlet.

Deprecated since: 18.03.2020 (31.03.2018)
End of Life: Intrexx 18.09

6. More information