Connector for M-Files 2.0

As of Version 19.03 OU13, Intrexx has a new Connector for M-Files.
This was created by the Intrexx Partner Convergent. The connector from Convergent uses the Intrexx Connector API to integrate M-Files.
It replaces the previous "Connector for M-Files" ("Integration > Consume data > Connector for M-Files"). However, the previous Connector for M-Files (Now "Connector for M-Files 1.0) will still be supported.

Documentation for "Connector for M-Files 2.0"

You can download Convergent's documentation for the Connector for M-Files from here: Intrexx/M-Files Connector - User Manual
The login data is available on the landing page.
After you have logged in, the user manual is displayed.

Launch the Connector for M-Files 2.0 in Intrexx

You can find the Connector for M-Files 2.0 under "Integration > Consume data > Connector for M-Files 2.0".