Request extension of trial period

If you have not entered a purchased license, a red bar will be shown at the bottom of the Portal Manager. This tells you how long your trial period is still valid.

Open wizard

Opens a dialog where you can request an extension of your trial period, among other options.

Purchasing licenses

License can be purchased in the Intrexx Application Store. This is the license agreement for using Intrexx.

License Manager

Intrexx licenses can be activated with the License Manager which can be accessed via Extras menu / License Manager.

The users Administrator and Anonymous of the Intrexx Users Management do not use licenses. They should not be deleted because a log in to the portal will then no longer be possible.

Click here for more information about the licensing models for Intrexx.

Limited users

Limited users are users who do not have database write access for applications. However, the users' write access is not counted for some applications. These applications include: You can find this file in the portal directory internal/cfg. Afterwards, provide the corresponding users with database write access in the specified application via its permissions dialog. If a user has write access to data groups that are not in this application, then he/she is not classified as a limited user but a normal, full user. For more information, please refer to our License Agreement.