Intrexx Share 3.0 - Messages

1. General

In the "Messages" module, you can send messages to a freely definable group of recipients. Please note that this module will be replaced by the Chat module. Therefore, the Messages module is hidden by default in the Navigation portlet in Intrexx Share 3.0. Click here to find out how to show the Messages module again in the Navigation portlet. Once the module is shown, click on "Messages" in the Navigation portlet.

2. Create message

Click on "Create message".

Provide your message with a subject and then enter the message text. You can also upload any number of files to the message. You can select recipients easily by moving users from the "Available" list to the "Selected" list via the button. When you send a message, you will be added to the list of recipients automatically. Click on "Send message".

3. Administrate message

3.1. Portlet: Messages - Info

The "Messages - Info" portlet is shown on the left-hand side of the message page. Click on the message title to refresh the posts and comments in the message. The profile picture of the creator and their name is shown beneath the title. Click on their name or picture to go to their personal page.


Click on this button to the right of the creator to open a menu.


Click on this item to leave the group of recipients. The other recipients can continue to read the message. If there is only one recipient and this recipient leaves the message, then the message is fully removed.

Hide all posts on News

Posts created in this message will no longer be shown in the News module.

Archive / Unarchive

The message is marked as archived and will no longer be shown in the list of current messages on the overview page. Other message recipients can decide for themselves if they want to archive the message or not. Even if you have archived a message, you will still be informed of new posts in the message on your News page, provided you have not activated the setting "Hide all posts on News" for this message. If a message has been archived, this menu item changes to "Unarchive" that means the the message will be shown on the overview page again.

3.2. Portlet: Messages - Posts

The Messages - Posts" portlet is in the middle column. You can add new posts to a message by clikcing on "New post". Click here for more information.

3.3. Portlet: Messages - Recipients

This portlet is in the column on the right and contains the profile pictures of all recipients. Click on a picture to go to the respective user's personal page.

4. Overview page

When you click on "Messages" in the Navigation portlet, the message overview page will open. All messages released to you are listed here. Click on the message title to open the full message with all of its posts. Click on the name of the creator to open their personal page.

5. Filters

You can filter the messages on the overview page by clicking on "Show/Hide filter".

Show archived messages as well

With this setting, archived messages will also be shown on the overview page.


This filter is available on the overview page and also on the page where the message can be administrated to filter the messages/posts by date Click here for more information about this filter.