Connector for Microsoft Office 365

Mircosoft renamed "Office 365" to "Microsoft 365" in April, 2020 (


Intrexx portal - Microsoft OneDrive

The Connector for Microsoft 365 allows you to access Microsoft files in your OneDrive account from within your portal and then open them with Microsoft Office 365.

Register Intrexx in Microsoft Azure

So that you can access OneDrive from your Intrexx portal, you need to register the Intrexx portal in Microsoft Azure as an app.

By registering Intrexx in Microsoft Azure, Intrexx is given access to OneDrive.

Your Microsoft 365 subscription contains a subscription for Azure AD so that you can integrate Azure AD if you would like to synchronize passwords or configure single sign-on for your local environment.
More information about this is available here:

More information about registering Intrexx in Microsoft Azure is available in the chapter Register your Intrexx portal as an app in Microsoft Azure.

Intrexx Portal Manager - Microsoft OneDrive

To configure access to OneDrive, the Intrexx Portal Manager provides the Connector for Microsoft 365. Once you have created a data source there, you can access your files.

More information about creating a data source in the Intrexx Portal Manager is available in the chapter Add a Microsoft Office 365 data source.

Access permissions for Microsoft OneDrive

Intrexx accesses OneDrive via OAuth 2.0. The access permissions between applications are defined via OAuth 2.0. Which specific permissions a portal user has for OneDrive and which directories or files he/she can access is controlled by the Microsoft 365 permissions management.

More information about access permissions is available in the chapter Add a Microsoft Office 365 data source.

Overview of the required actions

So that the connection between the Intrexx portal and OneDrive functions correctly, you need to perform actions in Microsoft and Intrexx. The Microsoft-relevant actions relate to Microsoft Azure. You need to register your Intrexx portal as an app there. The following graphic provides you with an overview of the actions that you need to perform in Microsoft Azure and Intrexx:

The next chapters provide more detailed information about each of the steps.

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