Portal login via identity providers

Log in to an Intrexx portal via social networks

You can allow your users to access your Intrexx portal via social networks. In this case, your users can authenticate with the Intrexx portal using their Facebook or Google accounts.

Your advantage is that you do not need to manage login data for these users in Intrexx. (The users themselves need to be created in Intrexx.) The users' advantage is that they can use the same login data for both the social networks and the Intrexx portal.

Log in to an Intrexx portal via identity providers

You can allow your users to access your Intrexx portal via identity providers (ID providers). ID providers offer a service that makes it easier for users to log in to various websites and applications. Users register with an ID provider and then they receive an ID. Afterwards, this ID can be used to log in to all websites and applications that are registered with the corresponding ID provider.
The companies verimi and okta are examples of ID providers.
Social networks also function as ID providers but they provide their original services beyond this.
Both social networks and (original) ID providers will be referred to as ID providers in the following.

Office 365 / AzureAD (Azure Active Directory) If you are using Office 365 and Azure Active Directory is available to you, you can use this when users log in to the Intrexx portal.
In the subsequent chapters, the individual configuration steps will be described using the example of AzureAD.
More information about AzureAD is available here: Keycloak Besides ID providers and social networks, Keycloak has established itself as software for authentication. You can also use this to log in to an Intrexx portal.
More information about Keycloak is available here: