Setup - Supervisor certificates

Setup Welcome dialog Installation packages / Click on "Next" Select/enter installtion path / Click on "Finish" Installation summary / Click on "Portal server configuration"

The certificate the supervisor uses to communicate via HTTPS can be configured here.

Self-signed certificate

A self-signed certificate is used with this option.

CA-signed certificate

With this option, a PKCS12 file can be selected at the bottom of the dialog. This contains a certificate that shouls be used for the communication between the Portal Server and Portal Manager.
Certificates for the Supervisor are saved in the installation directory cfg in the file "cacerts_supervisor". They can be updated with Java Key and the certificate management tool "keytool", which is in the installation directory java/current/bin/keytool.

DNS and IP addresses

If a self-signed certificate is used for the communication, the Subject Alternative Names need to be defined here. These state which IP or DNS addresses the certificate can be used for.

The host address, which the Portal Manager uses to communicate with the Portal Server, has to be in this list. Otherwise, a connection between the Portal Manager and Portal Server wil not be possible.

Add DNS entry
Adds a new line where a new entry can be defined.

Remove DNS entry
Removes the line currently highlighted.

Path to certificate file

A certificate file can be integrated with the option "CA-signed certificate" here. The path to the selected file is shown here.

Select certificate file
Opens a dialog where the certificate file can be selected.


Enter the password for the certificate store here.


Applies the selected options and closes the dialog. You will be returned to the installation summary dialog.


Closes the dialog. Changes are not applied.


Opens the help for the current dialog.

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