Timer action - Parameter

Processes module Data group timer action or Universal timer action Properties Timer action / Add parameter

Source: Parameter from system value

In this dialog, parameters can be defined that will be made available in the processing context after the timer job is run.


You can choose from the following system values: The value must be a serializable value, e.g. string values, number values, date values, and so on. ValueHolders cannot be used; please use the Value property instead.


For a value from a system data group, select the application that contains the system data group.


Enter the value of the parameter here. If you select "User values" as the type, a data field from the User Manager can be selected here. The data field can be selected for system data groups.

Target: Parameter from processing context

When the timer job is executed at the defined point in time, the parameters will be made available under the name entered here.