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Processes module Plugin feed action Properties


Application / Data group / Plugin

Select the required plugin here.

Adopt from plugin configuration

Filter for the creation of a post

This setting has the effect that the filter of the plugin will be taken into account. The check box is only available if one of the options "Create post" or "Create/update post" has been selected in the General settings dialog. Deselecting the check box allows an individual override of the plugin configuration, e.g. via filters that you have defined within the process.

Position of the post on the timeline

The custom positioning of a post is shown here.

Edit user-defined position of the post on the timeline
Opens a dialog where the position on the timeline can be defined.

Primary key assignment

Here, you can define precisely which data record in the data group with the plugin a feed can be generated for. This allows you to generate posts from data groups where a data record is created in a referenced application. For the primary key assignment, all primary keys that the corresponding post record requires will be assigned. The plugin feed action is required whenever the plugin data group does not generate its own data events at the same time. This is the case, for example, with an integrated external data source that you do not have write access to. Furthermore, the action is useful when using timers for status monitoring, and a feed needs to be generated by specific changes of status (for example, expiry of a warranty, or maturity dates).


The primary key data field of the target data group is shown here.


Every data field from the source data group is listed here.

Move left / right
Assigns the highlighted data fields to one another or removes the assignment respectively.

User-defined value
Opens a dialog where a user-defined value can be created. Once this has been created, it will be added to the list of the source data fields.

Value from query
Opens a dialog where a value can be defined from a query to a data group.

If a user-defined value is selected in the source list, this button opens a dialog where this value can be edited. If a value from a query is selected in the source list, this button opens a dialog where this value can be edited.

Removes the value currently selected in the list.