You can reach this dialog in the following ways:
Processes module System message action Properties Sender and recipient / Recipient / Configure user
Processes module Text feed action Properties Sender and recipient / Custom or Only show the post on News / Configure user

Static user

A list of static users can be defined here.

Add user object
Opens a dialog, where user objects can be selected.

User from data field

A data field can be selected where user IDs are saved. As well as integer data fields, string or text data fields can also be selected, provided that user GUIDs are stored there.

Current user

The current user is used as the recipient.

Superior / Deputy of the current user

The superior and/or deputy of the current user (defined in the User Manager) is defined as the recipient.

User from system value

With this setting, a system value can be defined that provides the recipients. The system value must therefore provide the corresponding user GUIDs and IDs.

Edit system value
Opens a dialog where the system value can be configured.

Options - The membership of groups and organizational units is determined

dynamically when viewed in Intrexx Share

With this option, the users are determined and stored dynamically when the post is viewed in Intrexx Share.

once during the process execution

The users are determined once-only when the process is executed.