Email action - Error handling

Processes module Email action Properties

You can define what should happen if recipients cannot be determined here.

Cancel transaction (default)

Means that the entire process is cancelled if email addresses cannot be found. If for example a dynamic distribution list with the Generic type is defined as the source for the recipients but the underlying data field does not contain any data in the current data record, the entire process is cancelled.

Continue transaction

The error is ignored. An email is not sent. The process continues with the subsequent action.

Null values

Under some circumstances, a process is not performed without errors even though the "Continue transaction" option has been set. If, for example, the email recipient is determined via a system value from a system data group, the process may be cancelled if it contains null values - i.e. when the recipient data field is empty in the system data group. Values from the system data group are recorded as configuration parameters for applications. Along these lines, if a special value is missing, it is handled as an error. If you do not want this, you can add a Groovy condition or Groovy action, which transfers the list of recipients to the sharedState, before the email action, for example. This kind of list can be empty but cannot contain null values.

The behavior when handling null values is the same for all context variables with the type The property to continue the transaction refers to the list of determined recipient addresses. The recipient addresses in this list are gathered from the following sources: Once this list of recipients has been collated, Intrexx checks whether it is empty. The property then controls what should happen if the list is empty. It should be treated: