Processes - Intrexx Share actions - Create a group - Group properties

Processes module Create group - Action Properties


A new Intrexx Share group will be created with this process element.


The title of the group is shown here.

Edit title
Opens a dialog where the group title can be edited.


The description of the group is shown here.

Edit description
Opens a dialog where the group description can be edited.


The creator of the group is shown here.

Edit creator
Opens a dialog where the group's creator can be modified. The group's creator is also automatically the group's moderator provided this setting has not been changed.


The source for the selected group image is shown here.

Select image
Opens a dialog where the source of the image can be configured.



A public group is visible to every Intrexx Share user. Every post, which was written by group members, is also visible to non-members. Writing posts or actions, such as I like this, Remind me and Share are reserved for members.

Restricted visibility

The description of a group with restricted visibility is visible to all Intrexx Share users. The members and posts are not shown to non-members.


The group, its members and posts are shown to members and those that the group was a recommended to. Public groups and those with restricted visibility provide non-members with the ability to apply for membership. The group's moderator can approve or decline the application respectively. The group's moderator can add members to private groups. Users, who have received a recommendation for a private group, can also join directly.


Activate membership requests

With is option, members can apply for membership in public groups.

Members can send recommendations

This setting means that group members can draw the attention of other users to the group.

Create a post in News that the group was created

With this setting, new groups, which are public or have restricted visibility, will be automatically announced on the News page.

Close group

As of Intrexx Share 2.0, groups can be closed. Posts and comments cannot be made for closed groups. Post actions, such as I like this, Remind me and Share, are also deactivated.