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Static group

A specific group is managed with this option.

Select Intrexx Share group
Opens a dialog where a group can be selected from Intrexx Share.

Group from a data field

The group can also be read from a data field. To do that, the Intrexx Share group's GUID needs to be stored in a data field. Select this field from the drop-down list.

Group from a system value

A system value that provides the GUID of the Intrexx Share group can be defined here.

Edit system value
Opens a dialog where the system value can be defined.


Manage members

With this option, the following options are available to you: All of these options relate to the members of a group apart from the moderator. The moderator is always kept as a member, regardless of which action you perform using the process element Manage a group.

Manage moderators

You have the following options with this setting: From Intrexx Share 2.0, the moderator is set directly. In previous versions, the selected user received an invitation that they first had to accept to become the moderator. If the selected user still is not a member of the group, they will automatically be made one.

Close group (from Intrexx Share 2.0 on)

From Intrexx Share 2.0, groups can be closed. Feeds and comments cannot be made for closed groups. Feed actions, such as "liking", are also switched off.

Delete group

You can select the behavior for the deletion here.

Define as 'deleted'

The group is kept and can be restored if necessary.

Delete immediately

The group is deleted irrevocably.

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