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If you want to make runtime classes available in the generic event handler, you must enter the following lines to the file in the portal directory internal/cfg/workflow:
Classname=Event type
The part above highlighted is used for the English description text. A German description text must be entered accordingly as:
In older versions of Intrexx, description texts could not be entered in multiple languages. Entries must be written as follows:

Possible event types are A class that creates events must be entered with eventHandler, if it should be included in the generic event handler. The description that you can enter in the second line will appear later in the configuration dialog as a quicktip for the class. Here is an example:
de.uplanet.lucy.server.workflow.eventhandler.UWEventHandler.description=This handler can be triggered by a user event.


Name column

The name of the property is shown here.

Value column

The value of the property is shown here.

Add property
Opens a dialog where the name, type and value of the class can be defined. Only properties that are known to the class can be added.

Remove property
Deletes the currently selected property.

Edit property
Opens a dialog where the name, type and value of the class can be edited.

The portal property Enable login process event is required for the class de.uplanet.lucy.server.workflow.eventhandler.SessionLoginWorkflowEventHandler.

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