Document action - Options

You can reach this dialog in the following ways:
Processes module Document action Properties dialog Document tab / Edit file field options
Processes module Data group action Properties dialog Field assignment tab / Assign a file data field / Options


Replace files at the target

Existing files will be overwritten by the new files with this setting.

Delete files in target field if source does not contain files

This setting is available if the preceding setting "Replace files at the target" has been selected. Existing files will be deleted if an equivalent for the key, which compares the source and target files, cannot be find. This option is only available in the data group action but not in the document action.

Append files at the target

The new files will be added to the existing files with this setting.

Append new files at the beginning / end

Determines whether the new files will be appended before or after the current files.

Maximum number of files in the target data field

These settings are available if the dialog was opened from a data group action with the Change data record action. Furthermore, the Maximum number of files per data set must be limited for the target file data field.

If the maximum number of files is exceeded, output an error message and abort the transaction

With this setting a message is shown as soon as the maximum number of files is exceeded.

Restrict the process to the maximum number of files

Files will be attached until the maximum amount is reached. Any files after this point will not be saved.

Other limitations of the target field

This area provides information about additional limitations of the target field.

Please note when using system values that system values, which define the saving method, can be stored for example in the processing context. In this case, the method selected in this dialog has no meaning.

None of the options can be changed in this dialog, if it was opened from a document action with the action Add record. The dialog is shown to provide information about possible limitations of the selected file field (permitted file types, maximum file size).