Web services

Processes module Web service action Properties dialog


Web service request

The name of the web service is shown here.

Path column

Displays the path in the WSDL structure of the web service.

Configure web service
Opens a dialog where the web service can be registered.

Add web service request
Opens a dialog where an operation can be selected.

If provided web services are requested from other Intrexx portals, you need to log in, if the addressed portal is configured with The actual web service operations can only be requested after this. In closing, the logout operation needs to be used so that the session is ended correctly.

Delete web service request
Deletes an entered request.

Opens a dialog where the construction of the web service is represented.

Increase / Decrease priority
The arrow buttons allow the priority to be changed when multiple requests are defined. Multiple web services will be executed one after another in sequence. The uppermost call will be started first; afterwards, all requests below it will follow in order.

Input tab

Here, the structure of the operation from the request web service is depicted. Select the method that should provide a value from the application.

Context menu: Edit
Opens a dialog, where the source of the value can be defined. The data type that the web service expects is shown in brackets next to the method (e.g. blz (string)).

Output tab

Here, the value received from the web service can be assigned to an application element.

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