Applications module Favorites / Configure favorites

Left column

Every application element is listed here arranged by category.

Context menu: Add to favorites

Moves the currently selected element to the right column.

Right column

Every element that has been added to your list of favorites is shown here.

Context menu: Remove from favorites

The currently selected element is removed from the favorites.

Context menu: Create category

If you select the Favorites entry at the top of the right column, the context menu item Create category is available. This opens a dialog where a new category can be created. You can use categories to organize your list of favorites. Elements can be moved to the categories, which are represented by folder, via drag & drop.

Context menu: Edit category

Opens a dialog where the currently selected category can be edited.

Context menu: Delete category

Deletes the currently selected category. You will be asked whether the elements it contains should also be deleted. If you select No, the elements will be moved to the top level of the favorites before the category is deleted.

Add to favorites / Remove from favorites
Move the currently selected element from one list to the other.

Open / Close all categories
Shows or hides the all elements contained in categories.