Overview of application licenses

Applications module Import applications that require a license

Application column

The names of the applications that should be imported are shown here.

Second column

The following symbols provide you with information about the license status of each application:

A valid license key is available in this portal.
A valid license key is available in the License Manager but is not assigned to a portal at the moment or there is not a valid key yet.

Action column

Provides information about the license status.

Enter license key
Opens a dialog where the application can be licensed.

Valid license key available
If you possess administration permissions for the Portal Server and a valid key is available in the License Manager that has not yet been assigned to a portal, you will be asked whether you wish to use this key. If you wish, the key will be automatically assigned to the current portal. If you do not administration permissiones for the portal server, the dialog to enter a new license key will open.

Fourth column

The license key can be copied from the Intrexx Application Store if you have purchased it.

Open Application Store
Opens the corresponding page in the Application Store.

Fifth column

Provides access to the license terms.

License information
Opens a dialog with information about the publisher and their terms.