Search - Manage auto correction data

Tools module Search / Click on Manage auto correction data


A search term that filters the list of auto correction data can be entered here.

Remove filter
Removes the respective filter field.

Adds additional fields so that more terms can be entered to filter the list.

Query column

The terms queried by a search are listed here.

Correct term column

If a search term is sent that could be written incorrectly, the results page will contain a notice with the option to click on the correct term and to search for this term instead - the hits for the original term will be shown until this is clicked on. The correction terms can be seen in this column.

Mistyped queries column

The list of mistyped entries are shown here. The maximum number of mistyped entries can be defined here.

Remove entry
Removes the currently selected entry from the list.

Reset changes

Resets the list to its original state.