Email service - New property

Tools module Configured email service / Click on Configure Expert settings / Add entry


Select the desired JavaMail property here. Custom properties can also be entered directly here. Information about the possible settings can be found here.


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Determine from which portal the message was sent

Starting with version 6 of Intrexx, it is possible to set global headers when sending email messages. These are placed in every email message sent via the Intrexx email service. A common convention is to the names of custom headers with "X-" if they are not defined by standards.

To define a global header, create a new property in the expert settings described above, named "de.uplanet.lucy.sendmail.header". Follow it with an ascending number, such as:
Enter the prefix "X-" to the value of the key (see above), followed by the name of the header, a colon, and the name of the portal. For example:
With it, all emails that are sent from the portal "My portal" can, for example, be filtered in Outlook. In our example above, the message header will be "X-Intrexx-Portal:MyPortal".