Email service - Email server

Tools module Click on Configure Default sender / Continue to Email server

SMTP server

SMTP server

Enter the name or the IP address of the SMTP server here.


The default port is 25. If you are unsure of what to enter, please contact your system administrator. The mail server used does not necessarily have to be on the local network of the Intrexx Portal Server.


The settings in this area should be defined according to what your mail server requires.

Connection security

You can select between None, STARTTLS or SSL/TLS as the connection security here.

Authentication method

How the password is transferred can be defined here.


Transfers the password unencrypted as plain text.


Transfers the password unencrypted from the user entry in the end device.


Encrypts the password with the CRAM-MD5 algorithm.


Authentication takes place via NTLM.

Username / Password

Enter the corresponding username and password here.