Database server - Oracle

Portal menu / Portal properties Database / Port database Database server / Select Oracle / Click on "Next"


A new Intrexx portal must be created with a new user/schema.

Use existing user/schema

An existing user/schema is used for this portal.


Simplified connection

With this option, the connection URL will be automatically composed of the entries in the Database server and Service fields.

Complex connection

With this option, the connection URL can be edited directly, for example for a connection to Oracle RAC. Please consult Oracle for the correct connection parameters of your connection URL.

Database server

Enter the hostname of the computer where the database server is running - such as localhost or MyCentralServer.


The Oracle DBMS normally uses port 1521. If your Oracle server is running on a different port, please enter it here.


Enter the name of the database. Select whether this is a service name or SID in the drop-down list to the right.

Connection URL

The connection URL is automatically generated from the parameters entered in this dialog.

User name/Password

Under User name/Password, the login data for an existing user will be entered who possesses the rights to create a new user/schema.