Relationship element properties - General tab

Relationships module Select Relationship element Open the properties dialog


Provide the element with a title.

Multiple languages
Opens a dialog where the title can be entered in multiple languages. Click here for more information.

Display settings

The data fields whose values should be displayed can be selected here.

For the starting point, these fields will be displayed as a link in the title bar. This link can be used to load any view or edit page with more detailed information from the data group.

For Relationship elements, which are not a starting point, the displayed values are not shown as a link but rather as a description of each dataset. A description of the displayed value settings can be found here.

Additional settings


Displays the path and filename of the selected image. This image will be shown to the left of each dataset in the browser, if the current Relationship element is not the starting point.

Select image
Opens a dialog where an image can be selected.

Remove image
Removes the image specification.


The data field that the data list is sorted by is shown here.

Opens a dialog where the sorting can be defined.

Maximum number of results

Enter a number to limit the amount of displayed datasets by.