Relationship element properties - Actions tab

Relationships module Relationship element Properties dialog

Link destination for existing data records

Link destination for desktop / mobile devices

Pages can be integrated here that will be loaded when the user clicks on the title link of the starting point.

If the link destination is defined for a Relationship element, which is not a starting point, a magnifying glass symbol will be displayed when the mouse is moved over a dataset. Clicking on this symbol opens the link destination page.

Additional actions

Enable creating new data records

Allows the users to create new data records in the browser.

Static image for link

The path and filename of the image selected for the button, which will allow users to create a new data record in the browser, is shown here.

Select image
Opens a dialog where an image can be selected.

Static text for link

Text can be entered here that will be shown as a quicktip when the user moves the mouse over the link.

Link destination for desktop / mobile devices

The pages that should be used for data entry when the user clicks on the link can be selected here.