Export portal

Start module Portal menu / Export portal

Template name

Enter a template name. This corresponds to the filename used for the export file.

Display name

When the portal is being imported, the display name is used in the template list (local).


You can provide the export with a description here.

Export directory

The path where the export file will be saved is shown here.

Select directory
Opens a dialog where the directory can be selected.

Clear mail configuration

With this setting, the settings that are defined for the current portal in the Tools module / Email Service are not included in the export.

Overwrite previous export

With this setting, the last export will be overwritten by the new one.

Export ".noexport" directories

Individual directories can be excluded from the export by placing a file with the name ".noexport" in the relevant directory. Directories which would therefore be excluded from the export will now be included in the export with this setting.

Remove database passwords

With this setting, the passwords for authentication to the portal database will be reset in the portal export. Logging on to the database will then be possible without a password.

Number of exports to be retained

Here you can specify how many portal exports should be retained in total. If this number is exceeded, the oldest export will automatically be deleted.

Export format

Four export formats are available:

Use speed optimized data format

With this setting, the XML in the export file is written in a format that can be read faster during the import.

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