Positioning and size

Design module Layout area - Structure / Select Application menu, for example Properties dialog / Continue to Positioning and size


Static positioning

With this setting, a line break is entered after this element in the HTML.

Absolute positioning

With this setting, elements have no influence on following or neighboring elements. Absolutely positioned elements can overlap with other elements. The positioning orients itself to the next superordinate element that is not statically positioned.

The Main container can be found in all layouts. This cannot be deleted. Its properties can, as with all other design elements, be changed in the Element settings. In an new, empty layout, the main container is abolute positioning. This means that each additional element that you create with absolute positioning will orient its positioning to the main container.

Absolute positioning should be activated if an element should be independent of its surrounding elements.

Relative positioning

The element is positioned relatively in relation to its normal position.

Fixed positioning

The element is positioned relatively in relation to the viewport.


Auto width, Auto height, Auto width and height

The position of an element is determeind by the order in the document. With automatic size settings, the element follows the type of positioning. For absolute positioning, the height, width, or height and width will be automatically adjusted to the space available between its absolutely positioned neighbors. The adjustment can be controlled via the values right, left, top and bottom. For static positioning, an automatic width ensures that the element takes up the width of its surrounding container. An automatic height complies with the content of the element in this case.

Fixed width and height

With this setting, the element's dimensions on the workspace will be retained.

Width / Height

Enter the desired width and height here for the Fixed width and height setting.

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