Group for additional controls (Mobile devices) properties - Options

Design module Layout area - Structure Select Group for additional controls (Mobile devices) Element settings - Options


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User controls

Here, you can find a list of the additional controls included in the grouping.

Add user control
Opens a dialog where more user controls can be added.

Remove user control
Removes the currently selected user control from the list.

Move up / down
Adjust the order of the user controls.

Show/Hide button

This button is shown at the top right of the grouping. The image for the button can be defined here.

Select image
Opens a dialog where the image can be selected.

Remove image
Removes the image specification.

Presentation of the grouping

Tooltip, modal

The grouping is shown in a modal tooltip.

Action panel, lower screen border

The grouping is shown at the bottom in the action panel.

Menu, links

The grouping is shown on the left in the menu.