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Every text element used by default in Intrexx is defined in the global language constants. Furthermore, you will find specific language constants for Intrexx Share. This helps you to administrate texts that appear in the portal often and in many applications centrally.


Individual constants can be searched for in this field. Simply enter the desired term to do so.



You can filter the list by constants that are used in JavaScript or Velocity.

Own / Standard

With this filter, you can decide whether your own constants, Intrexx standard constants or both should be shown.

Column name

Displays the name of the language constant.

Type column

The use of the constant is shown here.

Language column

In the following columns, the texts will be shown in the respective portal languages.

Filter languages
Click here if you want to show/hide a language column, e.g. "English", in the list.

Add new language constant
Opens a dialog where a new language constant can be defined.

Create a copy of the language constant
Creates a copy of the constant currently selected.

Deletes the currently selected constant created by you. Intrexx standard constants cannot be deleted.

Edit language constant
Opens a dialog where an existing language constant can be edited.

Naming rules for language constants

Name your language constants meaningfully so that their use is clear. Using different prefixes can make it easier to differentiate between the names.

Prefix Used for
COM_ General constants used in different place, e.g. for labelling elements on the page or for the page title
ACTION_ Label for buttons
TABLE_ Texts in tables such as for a notification if data records are available (TABLE_NODATA_) or a table title (TABLE_TITLE_)
OPT_ Texts for labels and specifications in the system data group
MSG_ Texts in messages via JavaScript
MSG_WARN_ Texts in warning messages via JavaScript
MSG_ERROR_ Texts in error messages via JavaScript
CONFIRM_ Texts for describing notifications in confirm requests

The "MSG_ constants" are an exception because messages can contain a title and text (Notifier). These can be distinguished by using a suffix at the end of the constant name:

Suffix Used for
_TITLE The message title
_TEXT The message text

If language constants are used for list entries, all specifications for this element should be grouped together language constant list. Use a property after the prefix to group them together - such as the term "ACCESSTYPE". Each of the options "_ROLE, _GROUP" and "_USER" is then added afterwards accordingly.


There are no hard and fast rules for naming language constants because how the constant names are defined depends on the complexity of the application. The naming examples stated above should only serve as a possible approach.

Export constants / Import constants

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